The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Mat comes to my K-4 class once every week on Tuesdays and tells my four year olds a Bible story. They have lovingly named him Bro. Mat, and he has become quite the rock star among my kids. This Christmas, my co-teacher, Mrs. Mary, asked if we could use Mat as the main character for our annual Christmas Pageant. The thought of the hilarity of being able to put my husband on a stage with almost 65 preschoolers made my heart leap, so I had to say yes.

On Friday, Dec. 19, 2008, we had a production of the Christmas story. My nine kids in my class were the nativity characters. They all did so well. Mrs. Mary's class portrayed the animals, and the other classes had roles as well. Mat played the grandfather reading his grandchildren the Christmas story from the Bible.

The week's practice leading up to the play made me think we were headed straight for disaster, but they all did so well. Baby Jesus did fall out of the manger...naked, but my Colbe earnestly yelled for me during the middle of one of Mat's monologues, so we were able to get baby Jesus swaddled again and back into His manger. (Oh, and for the mothers in the crowd who are gasping now, baby Jesus was a doll, not a real baby.)

Anyway, it all went well. After the production we had our parties in our classrooms, and I got to mingle with some of my children's parents. It was a great day, and to top it off, Mat was a grandpa...how great is that?

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