Shamgar the Great

Exactly one week before we were married, Mat and I were driving down Government Street in Mobile. Of course, I couldn't wait any longer, and I finally begged him long enough to tell me what my wedding present was. Fifteen minutes later, we were parked in front of a bustling store on Airport Boulevard...PetsMart.

We went in, and I had to look at every living creature that had made the chaotic store its habitat. We finally made it back to the location of my much-anticipated gift: the kitty cat of my choice.

There were fat cats, skinny cats (the ones I felt most sorry for, naturally), grey cats, white cats, ugly cats and pretty cats. There was one Mat so lovingly named "Grey Malkin." I spotted the one I thought I wanted...want being the key word. We called the nice PetsMart worker over to us, and she unlocked the silver cage of this beautiful grey cat. Unfortunately, the cat wouldn't come to me as I tried so hard to coax it out of the back of the cage. Mat (trying to feel manly) attempted his own strategies of getting the evil feline out, but to no avail. The kitty was attached to the back of the cage, and it was not coming out any time soon. Moments later, the cat was still hissing and meowing like nothing I had ever heard.

We gave up.

Instead, I saw a cat in a cage sticking his adorable little paw out of the cage. The kitty came right out to us, purring every second we held him. He was the one.

We took him over to meet the Pressleys, and we decided we made a great choice for a new pet. We named him Shamgar, after the Biblical character. Shamgar in the Bible, specifically in Judges 3, defeated 600 Philistines with an oxgoad. Anyway, on the way home, we carried Sham in a coardboard box (which we had to PAY $8.00 for at PetsMart). About halfway home, he decided he was tired to the box, and his paw jolted out of the top of the box. I screamed and moved to the back of Mat's Calibur. The rest of the ride home was a long one.

Now, Sham is a great member of the family. He never stops meowing, and he lays on the circular rug in our hallway every single morning, waiting on Mat to come and wrestle with him. He loves the bathtub, and is currently loving the Christmas Tree as well. And I would tell you every day how much I love him, and even though Mat wouldn't tell you this, I'll let you in on a little secret-- Mat loves him, too.

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