What's Been Goin' On (Thank you, Amos)

So, a lot has happened since I last blogged. Mat has been busy updating his own theological blog, so it does not leave much time to update our family blog. Let's see if I can recap the last three weeks in one blog...

First of all, Christmas was wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve at home in Mobile. We opened presents and started our own Whitney and Mat Christmas Eve traditions. This included- presents in the morning (because we are both too impatient to wait until Christmas, and the car was already full with presents for the fam), Mat's famous waffles for breakfast (don't let this fool you-- everything he cooks becomes "famous"), watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas", Parts I and II, pizza for lunch and, of course, one of Whitney's famous things-- a nap.

That night, we got ready and went to Dauphin Way for the Christmas Eve service. It was beautiful, of course, and it was so special to get to spend part of the holiday with our second family, who blesses our lives on a daily basis and makes us feel at home here in Mobile. After the service, we headed to North Alabama to spend the night at 45 Watts Road in Boaz. We got there around midnight, and I was greeted with two tickets to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. I was pumped, and Mat was excited about, in his words, a "little vay-cay."

Lenze, Mat's sister, woke us up early on Christmas morning. We both got stockings with little York Peppermint Patties, sharpened No. 2 pencils, a calculator and a stapler in them. Sweet stockings, we know! Kelly, Damon, and the boys (Mat's sister, bro-in-law and nephews) came over for breakfast. My father in law couldn't find his KJV Bible, so he read it off the Internet on my BlackBerry. (He's a champ, by the way.) He mispronounced manger. Christmas breakfast was great, thanks to Chef Valerie (as always). We opened gifts, and got more than we deserve or could have dreamed for. We are blessed.

We went to Mat's Granny and Paw-Paw's for lunch. Then, headed to my aunt and uncle's for dinner. Seeing our families was refreshing, and it was exactly what my life needed.

Christmas night, we spent the night at Mom's. Going home and seeing my mom is like coming up for air. It's peaceful, relaxing, and needed for survival. She's my best friend in the world, and living so far away has caused some unrest in my life. It was wonderful to be with Mat, Mom AND Papa and Mimi on Christmas night. I love my family. I love them so much.

We came back home that Saturday. We spend New Year's Eve at Breck and Laura Ladd's house. We shot some fireworks and enjoyed spending time with friends. Breck and Laura are such a blessing to us. They are truly some of our best friends.

On New Year's Day we went to the pier in Daphne.

We headed to New Orleans on the day after New Year's. Mat wanted to go to William Faulkner's apartment, which is now a bookstore. It was a great little place ran by a smart aleck older lady who knew what she was talking about concerning all things Faulkner.

The game was awful. Stupid Utah fans. Blah.


New Orleans looks different after Katrina. It's almost like the city's still wearing a Band-aid or something. Things haven't healed completely yet. Give her time, though. She'll bounce back. She always does.

We're back to working 9 to 5 now. All of my kids at school are back, and most of the college kids in Mobile are back in town, too. This year proves to be a great year.

More later.


  1. Whew!!! I'm tired just reading about your busy Christmas season! What great memories you made and traditions you started. Sounds like you had a beautiful first Christmas together. It was a joy to have you and Mat here on Thermaltake ToughPower 750W Christmas Day night. You are two of my greatest blessings and I love you both MORE!!

  2. Don't have any idea how that strange phrase appeared between "on" and "Christmas"! Excuse my computer error, and I will try to do better next time!! What is a "Thermaltake Toughpower 750W" anyway?!?!?!

  3. Yea! I'm glad you are an official blogger now!