Cleaning Stuff Out

Yesterday, Mat and I spent almost all morning and afternoon cleaning out a room in our house. The room is a little blue room just off of our dining room. It was supposed to be Mat's office, but it has kind of turned into our "Junk Room," because of the lack of closet space and just space in general in our little cozy house. Anyway, we cleaned it out, and the result is a much better organized room and lots of stuff to give away to the Salvation Army.

The room had two Christmas Trees, a box of my collegiate school supplies, Mat's nunchucks, some wedding gifts we haven't unpacked yet, three lamps, tons of Mat's tools and other hardware stuff, and all sorts of other knick knacks and stuff.

After the cleaning out was finished, we ended up feeling much better about our Saturday morning being completely gone. We had accomplished something!

Also, last night we went to see the movie "Frost/Nixon." It was a really great movie about the interview with David Frost and President Richard Nixon. It was done in documentary style, which made the movie a little different. It was a great film depicting a time in American history we'd like to change, but we still seek answers about.

Mat's sick today, so we stayed home from church. This is the second Sunday in a row I've missed Sunday at Dauphin Way. I was sick last week. And next week, I have to travel to Auburn on Saturday to go to my baby cousin's baby shower, which is on Sunday. Three Sundays away from Dauphin Way will be hard. I miss my family there.

I'm still working on training for the 5K. I've found two races in Mobile that I will run in May. I'm very excited about it, and I'm trying to convince Mat to run along with me.

Thanks for reading. More later...


  1. I'm sorry that you will be missing three Sunday's in a row at church but I can't wait to see you next week-end! Congratulations on your cleaned out little office. Enjoy the extra space. Love you MORE and I am so proud of you for committing to run in a 5-K! You go girl!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Mommy. I appreciate your support. YAY FOR NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!

  3. This sounds like our "office." I need to get that cleaning out done there..... Love ya Whit!