Haley "Paint"

I am a four-year-old Kindergarten teacher at Dauphin Way Child Development Center. I have nine wonderful children in my class-- Colbe, Corby, Jackson, Logan, Mackenzie, Meredith, Madison, and Morgan. And then, there is Haley Anne Pate. And she is my favorite.

Haley reminds me a lot of myself-- she is strong-willed, stubborn, keeps to herself and funny, but only at times. Haley somehow, and I can't remember when, won my heart. I went into my class knowing a few of my students, and I had another "favorite" child. But, Haley came through and swept me off my feet.

Once, Haley was sitting in my lap (like she almost always did daily while other children were playing), and she said, "Why did you cut that circle out of yellow paper?" Then, almost instantly, she replied to herself, "Because you love yellow paper." Haley looked at me and said, "You know it's ok to talk to yourself sometimes." I had to laugh. I gave her a squeeze, and I sent her to fetch me more yellow paper.

Logan, a trouble-making, adorable little boy in my class, always lovingly called Haley Pate, "Haley Paint." No matter how many times I corrected him, he always called her "Paint," and not "Pate."

Jackson, my favorite little boy, was Haley's best friend. Haley and Jackson were "Mary and Joseph" in the Christmas Pageant in December. If Haley were going to play with anyone, it was Jackson. Jackson and Haley were always coming up with some little game where they would laugh and laugh together. And my heart would smile at their laughter. They would always find some small little toy to make a huge game out of. Their favorite was a small little red motorcycle, which they played with until both wheels fell off. My Haley and Jackson...

Sadly, Haley's last day with me at the CDC was yesterday. Haley's mom and dad have worked together to make it where Haley, her little two-year-old sister Katie, and her older brother, Jacob can stay at home with their mom. This absolutely is so bittersweet for me. I will miss Haley so much, but I am overjoyed at her parents' decision to exercise Biblical parenting. It thrills my heart to know Haley will get to stay at home and learn from her wonderful mother. Alex and Stephanie Pate (Haley's mom and dad) are great people who truly care for all three of their children. Jacob, Haley and Katie are three brilliant, sweet kids. I will miss Haley, though. She really does brighten my day, and she makes my job easier. I always know Haley will do what I say (even if I have to coax her a little).

Bottom line, I truly, truly love Haley Anne Pate. She is beautiful, and I can't wait to see how great she turns out. I will miss Haley. But I am overjoyed at her parents' decision for their family and for their children.

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  1. Ahhh! This was so sweet it made me cry! I too grew to love Haley when I visited your classroom last fall. She was an adorable, beautiful, remarkable young lady - just like her teacher!!!!!!