Welcome to the world, Ellie Parker Gunter!

This is a copy of a letter I wrote to Ellie as an account of her anxiously-awaited arrival and the first few hours of her birth. I will give this letter to Ellie one day when she is older...

March 18, 2007

Dear sweet, sweet Ellie,
The night before you were born, your Aunt V (my mom) called me during my college girls' Bible study at my church in Mobile, AL. She said, "Meg's water broke!" And I instantly stood up and ran out the door. I stuck my head back in the room, and I yelled, "I'm going to be an aunt!!!!!" I called your Uncle Mat who was in New Orleans on a mission trip with the college students of our church. I told him I was driving to Gadsden because you were coming soon, and I was not going to miss your birth.
I arrived at the Gadsden Regional Hospital at 10:30 p.m. that same night. My mom and your Aunt Morgan met me at the door. We took an elevator upstairs to a waiting room full of people who were there waiting for you to be born. I went back and saw your beautiful mom, and we all talked about her condition. She was 3 cm dilated, and it would be a while before she moved along any further. So many people were there waiting on you, Ellie. Both sets of your great-grandparents, your grandparents, your aunt, your great aunt, your Uncle Gunter, Emma, Carter, Tony, Teresa, and so many others were there. We all loved you so much, and we couldn't wait for you to come.
But, I knew you were a stubborn one, and it was hours and hours before your mom dilated any more. Most of us stayed the night in the hospital. We slept where we could, however we could. I was not comfortable, but I loved you so much, and I wanted to be there when you first came into the world.
One of the fondest memories I have is of your grandfather, my Uncle Jim. He had been to deacons' meeting the night before you were born, and so he was at the hospital in his dress pants, a nice polo button-up, and a tie. A perfect gentleman awaiting his first granddaughter's birth. He wore his tie all night, even as he slept. You are blessed, little one. You are blessed.
Let me let you in on a little secret, Elle-belle-- I love your grandparents. My aunt and uncle (your grandparents) are wonderful Christian people. They have been a major part of my life, and God has used them over and over to bless me. I am so thankful to God for allowing them to be in my life. His faithfulness to us is astounding. Be thankful for your grandparents, Ellie. They love and cherish you. You are a blessing to them. YOU are a blessing to the world.
Even though your birth was a struggle, you were always considered a blessing-- even from the very beginning. Your grandparents have loved and prayed for you earnestly since the news of your life came into theirs, as have many others, including your Aunt Whit-Whit and your Uncle Mat. We learned your mom was pregnant with you the night we came home from our honeymoon, and almost every night from then until the day you were born, we said a prayer for you before we went to sleep. You have been prayed for, little one, and you are wanted in our family. We praise God for you.
Now, back to the morning you were born. Your Aunt Morgan, Aunt V and I all went down for breakfast. When we came back up around 8:30 a.m. on the morning of March 16, we found out your mom would need a C section because she was not progressing fast enough. We all prepared ourselves to meet you, and we moved from the Waiting Room to the Nursery Room. Aunt Morgan, Aunt V and I bought you three pink daisies (my favorite flower) from the Hospital Gift Shop, and of course, a mylar balloon that said, "It's a girl!" Moments later, all the family was gathered in the Nursery Room to wait to see you for the very first time.
Your grandfather (my uncle) asked me to pray for you outloud with the family before you were born. Ellie, what I prayed for you that morning are the things I will continue to pray for you for the rest of your life. I asked God to save you early. I asked God that He would call you to Himself. I asked Him to use you in great ways. I asked Him to guide you. And most of all, Ellie, I asked Him to show you that you ARE a blessing-- a WANTED blessing-- to our family. You did not come into the world in the most pleasurable circumstances, Ellie. But, God uses all situations to His glory in our lives- good or bad. Genesis tells us, "What you meant for evil, God meant for good." Trust in God's providence for your life, Ellie. Trust it always. He is a good God with good plans for you life. Trust Him always, sweet one.
Finally, after we had prayed and all shed a few tears, you came into the world at 10:10 a.m. on the rainy, foggy morning of March 16, 2009. You were beautiful. You weighed 7 lbs., 3 oz., and you were 20.5 inches long. You had a head full of black curly hair and the sweetest feet I had ever seen. Your left foot bent in a little from the way you were in your beautiful mother's womb. You had the most precious palms I had ever laid eyes on. It was a few more hours before I was able to hold you, but believe me, when I did, I fell in love with you. I spoke to you as if we had known each other for years. I held you and held you, and spoke to you. You responded, or well, you cooed a lot. You were adorable and absolutely beautiful. I was so excited you were finally in our world.
Ellie, I love you. I love you so very much. And even though I'm not really your aunt, I love that you call me Aunt Whit-Whit. Wherever me and your Uncle Mat may go, please know you are always in our prayers and in our thoughts. We prayed for you so much before you were born, and we will continue to pray for you as you live out God's plan for your life. We expect great things from you, Ellie Parker Gunter. We expect great, great things. You are a privileged child, and a blessed child, and God loves you always. Seek Him, and all these things will be added unto you.
If you ever need anything, Ellie, I am here for you. I will always love you.

I love you more,
Aunt Whit-Whit

Your first picture-- beautiful, right from the start.

Getting you all cleaned up! 7 lbs., 3 oz. 20.5 inches long

Our first picture.

Your mom and you. Precious.

This might be my most favorite picture of the day-- you and your grandfather and my wonderful Uncle Jim. Like I said, you are blessed, little one. You are certainly blessed!


  1. I should have known from the intro to read this BEFORE putting on makeup.

    Indeed, Miss Ellie is especially blessed.

  2. So, so precious and beautiful! Ellie Parker is a blessed little one! She is especially blessed (as I am) to have you in her life. You are already a wonderful Aunt Whit-Whit to her, and she will love reading this when she is older!