Homeschool: Your Opinion

So...here is a short post. I'm gathering up information-- a survey, if you will.

Mat and I are praying (literally) about whether to homeschool our children or not. Now, before the rumor mill gets going, I would like to clarify that I most certainly AM NOT pregnant. But, I believe there are decisions Mat and I will have to make about our children and their lives that will take some time to ponder.

Homeschooling is one of those issues.

So, before I write my post about homeschooling, I want to know what YOU think-- your experiences, your opinion, your ideas, anything. Leave a comment, e-mail me, facebook me, send me a Twitter, send a carrier pigeon, whatever! Just let me know what you think.


  1. Whitney- I love that you are "actively" thinking about your future child's education! I don't think enough people do that!!! First, let me say this: I am one of 3 public school-educated children. My mother and aunt are both teachers, and my grandfather is a former principal and MCPSS superintendent. I am most definitely biased. :)

    Homeschooling, in my opinion, *can* be beneficial if in the right enviornment. I also feel that it can be damaging to a child's social life, minimize college opportunities, cause them to be sheltered, etc. However, I also think traditional schooling can be the same way, depending on the school, the child, and the "home training" (as my dad calls it).

    In my extended family, the children who did not go to school are socially behind those who did attend school. Most of them are still financially dependent on their parents and some even live at home until their late 20s. Those who were homeschooled were also not offered as many college scholarships, never attended prom/football games/school field trips, and have minimal relationship (love and platonic) experience.

    The things I wonder about my homeschooled relatives: What is it like to not have a HS reunion, a class ring or be involved in extra-curricular activities? How do you develop friendships when the only interaction you have during the 13 years of your schooling is with your siblings?

    My husband was homeschooled for a year during high school. His mom has to be one of the most brilliant women I know. She challenged him more academically and socially than other homeschooled children in my family. He enjoyed homeschool but says that returning to school was more enjoyable for him overall.

    So, in my opinion, public school education was best for me. My parents offered a secure Christian enviornment at home and taught me right from wrong. I think that because of this, I was able to make good decisions later on and did not have a nervous breakdown once I got to college! Some of the people my age that were homeschooled made bad decisions after they got out on their own. I wonder how much of that was because they were so sheltered from the realities of the real world.

    Whatever you decide, just stay active in your child's education (and I know you will because I know you. :) ) I do not understand why some parents drop their child off at school like it is daycare! It saddens me to know that some parents do not know what their children are learning.

    Good luck with the decision... and when the time comes, you'll be a great mom. :)

  2. I think I agree largely with what Nicole said. I of course share the biases that she does because my mother has worked in public school for over 20 years as an educator and part of the gifted program. I went through public school and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Though my mom is a teacher, I don't feel that she could have educated me as well or to the fullest potential at home. I will say this though, my education continued at home and on the weekends. I was exposed to the arts, history, and other aspects of culture that rounded out my education. It was also at home and in church that I learned about Christ and established the basis of my faith. Those things are entirely necessary when your child is in public school. As Nicole said, school is not day care. Public school today needs to be combined with something similar to homeschool.The social aspect of homeschool is a big turn off, as I have seen the side effects such as a fellow camp staffer from this past summer (feel free to ask about that!). Though there are exceptions and I'm sure your children would be them.

  3. Thanks for the sweet compliment, Nicole. You are such a doll, and I miss you like crazy! Thanks for reading my blog! :)

  4. not that me and audge have anything figured out, but were looking at homeschooling up until middle school and then enrolling them into junior high school. sorta like missionary prep. Just what were looking at right now.
    Love ya'll and miss ya'll