No one else knows

So here we are in month five of 12 in the year 2009. It's May, people. And I cannot believe it.

I have about three weeks left with my youngsters at the CDC. It's so funny how fast a year has gone by. It still surprises me to think I have been their teacher since August.

When I'm out of town or sick or anytime I am away from school, I get worried because I know no one else in the world knows my seven kids like I do. No one else knows that Madison doesn't drink milk with her lunch, but she does with her snack. No one else knows that Jackson needs to be told several times he needs to go to the bathroom before he washes his hands. No one else knows Logan's cot needs to be by my desk so he can sleep. No one else knows how we choose which prayer we will say before we eat. No one else knows that Meredith needs a few extra hugs every now and then. No one else knows that Corby needs to be laughed with more than the others. No one else knows how to handle Morgan when she cries. And no one knows how accident-prone Jackson is...all the time!

Long story short, no one else knows my babies quite like I do. They are tiring. In fact, they are exhausting! They try my patience every single day. But, no matter what they do to me or what I do to them (which, I promise-- is nothing drastic!), they still say all the time, just as they did today when we looked out the window at the lighting over the city of Mobile, "Mrs. Whitney is the BEST teacher!" I can only pray I live up to those expectations.


Corby and Meredith

My Jackson


  1. Oh, this brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing you are to all of those families!

    It reminds me of how I feel when I'm not able to baby-sit for my regular families.

  2. As I read this I just kind of laughed to myself because I think the same things when I am out. I have a Jackson that sounds a lot like yours. However it is amazing that at the end of the day they still love and adore you no matter how much you have had to fuss or no matter whatever else goes on! Kids are the best! They really know how to humble you!