The "WRIGHT" Stuff

I sure hope some of you catch that New Kids on the Block reference. If not, wow, I feel old.

Anyway! Mat and I spent our Saturday out and about our great city today with J.T., Amber and T Wright-- a minister on staff at Dauphin Way with Mat and his family. We had so much fun with them. We met around 11 this morning at Moe's BBQ in Daphne. Seriously, folks, if you are ANYWHERE around Daphne, swing over and get some of this food. I wish I had made pics when we went, but just trust a girl who knows BBQ-- this stuff is amazing. You can get a meat (BBQ or chicken or ribs or catfish) and two sides plus cornbread AND a drink for $10.00 flat-- no tax, no tip. What a deal right? Today I had pulled pork, squash casserole and marinated slaw. Wonderful! Mat had the chicken and said it was great, too. And there was so much of it-- it's a half of a chicken! The Wrights loved it, too. T, who is five, was totally pumped about the free refills on his drink, too.
From there, we all headed right down the road to where the water meets the land. Apparently, my husband has been dying to go down this trail he knew about. All I knew about the trail was this...

And I hate...and I mean I HATE gators. And I hate snakes, too, but not nearly as bad as I hate a gator. Especially ones not behind some sort of glass or something. Anyway, so off me, Mat, J.T., Amber and T go down this trail. I tell myself, "C'mon, Whit, you're NOT going to see a gator. YOU'RE IN DAPHNE for heaven's sake. Gators don't really live here, right? Right???"

Whitney, you were dead wrong. Just about the time I had convinced myself to enjoy the little hike and forget about seeing an alligator, J.T. yells, "Look! An alligator!"

Luckily I didn't pass out or start running. I figured if he was going to eat any of us it would be Mat, who is the biggest, or T, who is the smallest. I was safe.

After we left the trail, ALIVE, luckily, we headed over to the Bass Pro Shop. T was totally stoked. He had told me and Mat during lunch he had a bag full of quarter. Naive me had no idea why a little boy would need a whole bag of quarters until we reached the top of the stairs at Bass Pro...

A hunting game, of course!!! Sweet camo guns with taxidermied (is that a word?) animals and neon red and green targets= a little boys dream come true! Even Mat had fun shooting with T, too.

Now, I'm an animal lover-- I love all kinds of animals (except gators, remember). So, I love the Bass Pro because there are all these "stuffed" animals around. Bears, turkeys, bobcats, beavers, squirrel, bald eagles-- you name it, they have it. Here are a few of my faves...

After all the wonders of the Bass Pro, we went to the Eastern Shore Center so T could play in the fountain. He had so much fun. Amber and I had a great talk about homeschooling and raising children in general, which has become one of my favorite topics lately. It was a beautiful sunny day on the coast. Mat and I are so thankful for J.T. and Amber and little T. Their friendship with us is extremely valuable, and God has certainly blessed us with such great friends! It is so much fun to be able to go on, as Mat calls them, "Mini-vacays" every once in a while with our good friends. We had a wonderful Saturday!

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