We've been making a lot of changes around the 5224 lately.

Mum was here this weekend. While she was here I decided I wanted to recover our chairs in our dining room. So, MSH took Mum and me to Five Gold Monkeys-- an interior store in Spring Hill. There I found the most perfect fabric to cover the chairs. It was a scrap, so it only ended up costing us $10.23!! What a find! It was fun to have a little project to do with my Mum while she was here in town, and I know MSH was happy he didn't have to do it, too!

Mum left on Sunday after she and I worked worship care for the church. MSH taught a wonderful lesson on the Apostles' Creed for DWBC's Christian Life University (CLU) program. (I have a feeling I am going to thoroughly enjoy this particular class.) Then, MSH preached a challenging sermon on Matt. 16 titled, "Leaven, Lucifer and Losing Your Soul: How the Suffering of Christ Affects Everything." Praise be to God for His Living Word that still works among His People! (If you want to hear MSH's message and other messages from DWBC, you can click this link and download them for FREE:Sermon Connect.)

We got home from church, and (I hate to keep talking about him, but he just had a GREAT weekend) MSH made a delicious Spicy Crawfish Pasta for dinner. Honestly, it was probably the best pasta dish I have ever eaten. While he was cooking, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. We have been looking everywhere for a spice rack, but we have been coming up short. All of them are either ugly, too big, too small or just plain trashy. Well, I remembered we had a white shelf from the bathroom from when we moved in to 5224. I took it out of our guest bedroom and hung it in the kitchen. Presto chango! A new spice rack!! I think it turned out quite well, don't you?

Overall, we're making some great changes in our little cottage (and to my little blog, too-- do you like it?). It looks so different that what it looked like a year ago, even six months ago. I love being able to stay home this summer and do little things that makes life just a little more beautiful. I forgot to mention, speaking of beautiful, that Mum bought me some amazing flowers this past Saturday at the Farmers' Market downtown in Cathedral Square. Luckily, they are still living, and they add so much to our dining room table and to our mantle. I think I'm beginning to like flowers, which I used to not care for too much.

Anyway, we are making changes. And for the first time in a while, I think I like the change...

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  1. There are too many things to love about this!

    The blog design is PRECIOUS! Seat cushions LOVE. Picture of you and Mat in front of the house ADORABLE!

    Keep enjoying the summer, pretty girl!