Erase Racism

Sometimes I cannot help but smile because of the amazing way God is working in and around me. Other times, I cannot help but wonder what in the world God is doing.

Today, I received a Twitter from BNO-- the Breaking News Organization. The twitter said two people had been shot at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I have visited the Museum several times, and before I get into details about today's events, I have to express my deep gratitude to the ladies and gentlemen that run the USHMM. The museum is chilling, educational, thought provoking and very intense. If you are ever in or around Washington, D.C., where the museum is located, please take the time to visit. You will be touched by the stories of the 6 million Jews that were brutally murdered in the 1940s. Go hear their stories. Let them tell you themselves.

Back to today's events-- one man, as of the time when I post this article, has lost his life trying to do his job at the USHMM. Go read about the occurence here. My thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns' family. I pray God and His peace will come to your suffering hearts in this time of deep saddness and pain.

A man was shot and killed today. He was at work-- he was at work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The 87-year-old killer is a known white-supremacist, who, in the events of today, was shot by other guards working at the USHMM. Officer Johns was doing his job-- a job he had done almost every day for the past 6 years. And today, a day that started off like any other day, he was brutally and intentionally killed by a white supremacist.

MSH said today, "Hitler no longer lives, but his hate lives on." Such a true and saddening statement. The Furor was filled with fury that still rages wars today. May we, as Christians, pray against this blatent evil and fight the war of racism in our hearts to remember that God sees our hearts, not our skin color.

Pray for Officer Johns' family tonight before you fall asleep. And pray that God will use you to fight the war on racism-- whether it's in your school, your town, your church or your heart.

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