Yard Sale

We are having a yard sale tomorrow morning.

Yes, you heard me right. Me and MSH are having a YARD SALE tomorrow. Now, I have seen my dear Mumsy have millions of yard sales where I got to take things out of my room and sell them and keep the money, but never have I ever had my own yard sale. This should be interesting. I'll keep you updated via Twitter and Facebook on how the progress is going tomorrow. We are scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. sharp in the morning, and MSH and I will be up early getting everything ready.

Pray for us. No, seriously. Pray for us.

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  1. I found your blog from the link on Beth Moore's and of course had to click over since it said you were from Mobile! We are also. We go to Pathway Ministries on Moffett Rd. Anyway I just wanted to say hey and that your blog is really cute! I feel like I've seen your house somewhere before, maybe in midtown??