Things are different around here.

(Oh, wait. I already mentioned that here, didn't I?)

MSH did his last rounds of hospital visits for Dauphin Way yesterday. Kind of bittersweet for him, I know.

I only have one Sunday School class left with my sweet 3-year-olds. I will surely miss Gracyn, James Holston, Julianna and Katie.

Mom, Papa, and Mimi came to 5224 for the last time last week. Mom cried every time she thought about not coming back to Mobile for a while.

MSH and I have exactly six nights left to sleep in our Patina-colored room here at the house. So weird.

Oh, and it's also weird to think we won't be frequent visitors of Carpe Diem Coffee Shop anymore, too. We spent so much time there now. What will I do without my Iced Alpine Mochas?

I do my last Beth Moore "Esther" Bible study with my sweet college girls tomorrow night. I will miss them so very much.

So, as I said, things are different. Sham and Little One are still not sure what's going on with all these cardboard boxes, but I think they kind of like being able to get up high somewhere.

Oh, one last thing-- pray for me. I've applied for a job in Louisville, and the good Lord knows we need the money when we get there, so pray that if it's HIS will, I will get the public relations job. More about that later, I hope...

Isn't MSH just ADORABLE?!?

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