Is that MY house?!?

The packing has begun at 5224 Brentwood Lane! Our house is beginning to not look the same...

The walls are bare.

The closets are empty.

The office is full of boxes.

The bathroom cabinets are less crowded.

Things just look different. Oh, and it was too late when I realized that I forgot to make pictures of what our house looked like when we actually inhabited it! Guess our future children will never know what their parents' first house looked like. Oh well. I'm not unpacking everything and putting it back in its place just so little Mat Jr., Ama, Scout, Ford, and Jim our children (that we of course haven't named!) can know what 5224 looked like. Sorry, kids. Ehem. Anyway.

So, things are different here. My mum and grandparents are coming tomorrow. I'm excited. I've left all my Gail Pittman Honeysuckle for them to wrap and pack. Gosh, I love family.

I'm rambling now, and that is probably due to me only having a half of cup of coffee this morning. Enjoy the pictures of our "humble abode..."

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