I told you on Twitter that I was going to post an entry about a little makeover I did on a piece of furniture. Here is said post...

Mum said, "Whitney, you need a vanity. A real woman's vanity. You could sit there and put your make-up on...do your hair there...you know. Woman stuff." Ok, I said. But never thought a thing about it.

Until...I was shopping for some great bargains at Old Tyme Pottery in Foley, AL. I was waiting on Mat to get out of the bathroom when I saw...this little beauty.

A perfect little vanity. AND it was on sale for $99.99! I couldn't believe it. Sure, it needed work, but it was nothing my Mum, a little paint and some fabric couldn't fix, right?

Oh, and did I mention it had one a few little scratches on it? Well, MSH got right on it and found the manager for a discount. First we were told 10% off. "We'll TAKE IT!" I said, in Lloyd Christmas fashion. But THEN, we got up front with my little find, and the nice manager took 25% off!!!!! I was elated! And even better, my sweet daddy-in-law paid for half as a gift to me. A perfect find...

I got the little vanity home, and Mum and I decided it was best not to paint it. We weren't sure the paint would stick. So, I bought a new handle at Lowe's (aka, the place where I could spend a million dollars on do-it-myself project materials), and voila! A new vanity.

But, wait. No, something was still wrong with the little find.

Oh, that's definitely it. (See Little One peeking out under there? He's so curious!) Yeah, that fabric's GOT TO GO!

So, MSH so lovingly took me to TJ Maxx where, for some odd reason, they have our Polo Ralph Lauren bedding. I was able to find 2 light pink, oxford cloth, King-size pillowcases ON SALE for...(wait for it)...$5.00!!! (They are regularly around $69.00.) What a great find, right?

Then, I took THOSE pillowcases up to Three Stitches here in Spring Hill and had them monogrammed-- one with MSH and mine's initials (for an extra decorative pillow on our bed) and the other with my initials (for the vanity stool). The two monograms were $18.00 each.

MSH helped me recover the vanity stool. It was a job that required a drill, a staple gun, two screwdrivers and a lot of frustration, but we got it finished. Here is the finished project...

I'm pretty much pleased with how it turned out. I'm still looking for a way to get it painted. I was thinking a nice Robin's Egg Blue-- the greyer kind, not the bright blue kind.

I have also painted two of my Maw-Maw Hazel's old pieces that my brother Gunter used in college. I painted one a light baby blue (it will be my bedside table) with silver knobs, and the other I painted Patina-- the color of MSH and mine's room here at 5224. (Patina is a sort of sage-y green.) I will get you pics of these furniture makeovers soon.

And that's that.


Oh, one final thing-- here is a pic of me and MSH today at his going-away lunch at Dauphin Way. The sweet staff at DWBC threw him a little lunch party. Also, there are a few pics of MSH in front of the church, and there is one final picture of a painting of our church given to us by Dauphin Way. Enjoy!


  1. What a find! I love the vanity! I always sit on the floor to do my makeup and hair...maybe I need to look for one of these!

    Great craftiness, too!

  2. I love your vanity! As a fellow DIYer, and a person that has recently repainted about 5 pieces of furniture, it is super easy to do. Just take some sandpaper and scuff up the surface really well. Dust it off, and put on a coat of primer. (Primer isn't competely necessary--I didn't use it--but it should make the painting easier.) After that dries, you can get a roller and/or a brush and paint it just like normal. (I would also put a semi-gloss coat on top to make sure it doesn't get messed up--Rustoleum makes a good one.) Not that you asked me, but I thought I would share since I've done it recently. :-)

  3. Hi Whitney,

    I guess we aren't going to finish the Bible Study together. I am sure you have been very busy with the move and getting everything ready. Thanks for trying to facilitate the study...I appreciate it.

    Leann Ford