My Home Church

MSH resigned yesterday from Dauphin Way.

I can't explain to you how I felt as my dear husband read his resignation letter aloud during the morning service at our church (you can read the letter here). I had conflicting emotions-- sadness, fear, hesitation, regret, happiness, excitement, anxiety-- and they all battled for first place in my heart and mind.

After MSH read his resignation, he and I took our places at the front of the sanctuary to speak to our church family after the news. So many people that I love dearly came through the line to speak to us, and my heart overflowed with gladness and sobriety. Person after person came through and spoke blessings into our lives about our decision to move. People were kind and excited for us. Women and men that I love and cherish hugged me and shook my hand. It was a moment I will never forget, nonetheless.

It wasn't until a sweet woman named Trecia Phillips came through that the tears began to well up in my eyes. Trecia is the mother of five and wife to a deacon in our church. The Phillips' invited MSH and I over for Christmas Eve Eve dinner at their house last year. The Phillips family means the world to me, mainly because of Trecia and her Godly example as a wife and mother. She is definitely my role model in more ways than one. Dauphin Way (especially you college girls)-- get to know this woman. Let her blow your mind and bless your life.

Anyway, it wasn't until Trecia came through that tears began to sting my eyes. Trecia told me to stay in touch and come visit often. Then, she said, "And I'm going to try not to cry..." but she did and so did I.

The point is, Dauphin Way is more of a home church than I have ever had. It's hard to leave. It's very hard to leave. The people there are my family. My pastor means so much to me because he has had such a positive influence on my husband's life, and for that, I am forever grateful to Clint Pressley. I could go on and on and name names-- The Moseleys, Leigh and Greg Walker and their three boys, Melissa Sutton, Kim Miller and family, Connie Pressley and the boys, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Vinson, Mr. and Mrs. McCracken, Mary Collier, J.T. Wright and family, Dr. Ashurst and family, all our sweet college girls and great college guys, all the ladies on the support staff, Amy Kendall, Jeremy and Jennifer Montgomery, The Johnsons, Bro. Jim and family, The Tait family... there are so many. They are my family. My Dauphin Way Family. And they will all be sincerely missed.

We have our reception two weeks from now on Sunday night, Aug. 2. It will be a great night of celebration of my husband's ministry and time and DWBC, but a time of tears and thoughtful reflection, I am sure.

Dauphin Way will always be my home church. I've grown more in my faith this past year than in my entire life. I am grateful to God for His people and His Church, and especially for the body of believers at Dauphin Way.

Dauphin Way, I love and will miss you so much. May God continue to guide you and bless you in all you do. Thank you for everything.

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  1. I've never even been to DWBC and I cried! Praying for you daily during this time of transition, my friend. God has big things in store.