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Tomorrow is my anniversary (1 year with MSH), but that's for another post.

Right now, I am posting to let you know about a great giveaway...and a great blog.

Here is the giveaway...

And here is the blog...

This lady is one of sweet, precious friends from my collegiate days at Alabama. I love her so much. She and I worked together at UA's campus newspaper, The Crimson White. Jessie is adorably cute, and she is a smart gal, too. I miss seeing her around, but we get to catch up and keep in touch quite a lot via Twitter.

Thanks for posting the giveaway, Jess. Love you and miss you!


seminary wives institute

Before MSH and I enrolled in our classes here at Southern, he told me about the Seminary Wives Institute (SWI). Here is the description about SWI from their Web site that you can visit here.

At Southern Seminary, we recognize the need for God-called ministers’ wives to be prepared for ministry. We believe that a minister’s wife needs to be educated and equipped as she and her husband prepare for service in the churches and beyond. The time a student wife is in the seminary setting with her husband is the perfect time to undertake this training. She has opportunity to network with other wives who are preparing for the place God has for them. She will benefit from her study with faculty wives who can share from their rich experience. The courses in the Seminary Wives Institute (SWI) are designed to give ministers’ wives biblically based and practically applied teaching. They are taught by our own seminary faculty as well as faculty wives and guest speakers. We are committed to make this institute a vital part of the seminary wife’s experience at Southern Seminary.

Sign me up, right? So, I did. And last night was our first meeting. I am in Essentials I class, which is basically an overview of everything-- being a minister's wife and a Christian, being a Biblical wife, practical marriage issues, being content, being a time manager, being a proclaimer of the Gospel, being a mother, being industrious, and more.

Last night, Mrs. Mohler, Dr. Mohler's wife, taught my class. She was absolutely wonderful! I have loved being able to spend personal time with her at church a few weeks ago then at lunch with she and her family, but getting to hear her teach last night was so great.

Mrs. Mohler taught on "Your Calling to be a Christian and a Minister's Wife." Mrs. Mohler shared her personal quiet time tips with us and then some advice she had for us as ministers' wives. The thing I loved most about hearing Mrs. Mohler speak is that I know she speaks from the heart. I know she is Dr. Mohler's #1 fan, and I know that she provides the things he needs from her to do the things he needs to do. The old quote says, "Behind every good man is a good woman," and I think it is so true. She reminded us that we must always keep our husband's our first priority (behind God, of course) and our children our second. She reminded us how important it is to have a good attitude toward your husband's ministry, so that your attitude will rub off on your children.

She also hit us with some sobering statistics. Did you know that issues of ministers' wives is the #1 reason ministers leave the ministry? And did you know that divorce rates for ministers and their wives are 50%, which is the same as the general public? Just some things to think about, women.

I am so excited about the rest of my time in SWI. I know that I will learn valuable things in my classes that I might not learn in my regular seminary classes. I thank God for Mrs. Mohler and her dedication to SWI and to SBTS in general. We are so blessed to have her here ministering alongside her faithful husband. God is so good.


chicken and rice

I just made lunch for MSH from a recipe I found when I googled "Chicken and rice." Oh, and of course, I typed "Paula Deen" after I typed "Chicken and rice." (Doesn't everyone do that for a recipe you can't find? No? Oh, goodness. And I thought I wasn't the only one.)

Anyway, here is the recipe that came up.

Like I said, I just made it for MSH and served it to him for lunch along with a baked sweet potato and French-style green beans.

And he LOVED it. He had TWO helpings, which is unusual for him these days.

Anyway, print it out. It really is wonderful.

**Note: we left out the pimentos and water chestnuts per MSH's request.


sham's ramblings

For some reason, our oldest cat, Shamgar has decided he will absolutely go bonkers now that we've moved to Louisville.

Sure, he's still the same old Sammy we love, but geez. The cats has gone NUTS.

Lately, he has become absolutely obsessed with light. Yes, that's right-- light. The light shines in our windows a lot more here than in Mobile, so Sham sees it on the walls, furniture, the insides of bookshelves...hang on.

...Ok. Sorry. I just had to rescue Sham from falling off the counter. He was chasing (naturally) light. That darn cat.

Sham in the bookshelf.

Oh, did I mention he climbs the cabinets, too? Yep. That's right. In the corner where the cabinets meet, there is a space. He likes to climb try to climb up in the space. I told you he was nuts.

And as far as his manners go, Little One (our other cat) must be rubbing off on him.

This is normal Little One-- crazy, a little "slow", uncouth, and just plain "I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks-about-me," mannered.

But now, normal Sham...

...gentle, proper, well-mannered Sham has gotten to be, well, a little more like Little One. See for yourself...

If anyone tries to tell you that animals don't have a personality, send them my way. This blog is evidence enough to contradict that statement. And I'd be more than happy to let 2 just absolutely INSANE cats live with them for a few days (which, it would never last that long-- they'd send them back the first time they used the litter box).

But, at the end of the day, they bring me a little bit of happiness, and they sure do make life around here a lot more interesting!



My friend over at Her Southern Charm is holding a giveaway.

Go here to check it out.

Good luck! Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to Her Southern Charm. It's a wonderful little blog!!


What's For Dinner? Taco Soup!

MSH has several favorite recipes-- his mom's meatloaf, my roast, anything Cajun, Vince Gill's White Chocolate Pound Cake, just to name a few. But, one thing MSH almost always requests is my mum's Taco Soup. I love it when he requests this because it is so easy. All the ingredients can be put in a crock pot to simmer all day long, and I love my little red crock pot! Oh, and it always makes our house smell so wonderful.

I wanted to share with you all my mum's Famous Taco Soup...

2 lbs. ground beef
2 cans Rotel tomatoes (I use mild)
2 cans Mexican corn
2 cans light red kidney beans (I leave these out)
2 cans diced tomatoes
2 pkgs. Taco Mix (dry) (I use mild)
2 pkgs. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (dry)

Brown ground beef and drain. Add all other ingredients (do not drain canned items) and mix together. Simmer for at least 1 hour. May cook in a crock pot.

Note: Canned pinto beans are also good in this soup.

Also, I love, love, LOVE sour cream in this soup. Mat loves it with a good piece of cornbread, hot out of the skillet, and he also loves it with tortilla chips.


We've Moved Cards!

So I am completely obsessed with cards. I love sending them, receiving them, and picking new ones out. My mum lives in Georgia, and her trusty card shop is called Sincerely Yours. It is a wonderfully charming little place, and Mum has become really good friends with the owner.

Since we moved, I desperately wanted to send out "We've Moved" cards. Mum jumped right on it, and hopped on down to Sincerely Yours.

The cards Mum picked out are so cute. (She bought all they had.) I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy! (Note: I did blur out our new address, phone numbers, and email addresses. That is why there are blank white spots.)

Yes, that IS Sham's foot in the upper left hand of the picture. He's all into whatever I'm into these days!


I promised you pictures, so here they are.

A few rules first:

1. You may NOT laugh at how messy our house is.

2. You must look over clutter to see the real beauty of our humble abode.

3. You must not look at what needs to be done. Look only at what has been done already.

Are we good? Ok. Here they are...

My newly painted piece of furniture. It was my dad's mom's. We painted it "Patina"-- the color of our bedroom in Mobile. My cousin, Meg, painted the paintings above the piece. Aren't they beautiful?

We used to have an entire room devoted to black and white pictures (most of which I made myself in Italy, D.C., etc.). Here, we have one wall. I think it worked out quite well.

Our kitchen.

The Cross Wall- my mum's idea. We love it!

This is Louisville from the Indiana border. MSH and I love all the bridges here!

MSH is the perfect tour guide...always!

The carpet in the prayer room at Southern. I absolutely LOVE this carpet.

Prayer Room at SBTS.

Our library. The biggest theological library in the world.


Our New Look

We don't live at 5224 Brentwood Lane anymore, so naturally I had to change to the header of the blog.

Like it?

The picture is Southern Seminary's Lawn, which is basically in the middle of all the buildings; they almost forms a square around the lawn. On the right side is our library, James P. Boyce Centennial Library-- it is the biggest theological library in the world. On the left side is Norton Hall-- the place MSH and I will be taking a big chunk of our classes as well as being home to our wonderful seminary president, Dr. Al Mohler.

Anyway, so here is our new look.

And speaking of new looks, I got a terrible haircut yesterday. So, now I am off to a SALON to get it fixed. When they say you are getting a $10 haircut, you really ARE getting a $10 haircut. Blah.


Welcome to Louisville...The 168th Biggest City in the World!

We are here.

It was a long, long journey, but somehow, me, MSH, Shamgar and Little One all made it in one piece. Oh, and our stuff did, too. So that was great.

I'm not going to post pictures today, but our new place is getting to look like home more and more everyday, so as soon as I can clear some clutter, I will post some pics.

We love Louisville. There are a plethora of restaurants here. MSH already had some bread pudding pancakes at a place called Toast on Market. He's in love now. We ate at a couple of other restaurants, too. And everything's been great so far. MSH says he feels overwhelmed and underfunded. Oh how we are, too.

Southern's campus is breathtaking. It really is so beautiful. I can't wait for my family to get up here and see how God has blessed us.

Oh, and we got great news on Thursday, too. MSH has been offered an internship in Dr. Albert Mohler (the president of Southern Seminary)'s office. I was so excited about it, and MSH is even more excited than I am. He came here to learn, and learn he most certainly will under Dr. Mohler. God has blessed us so much already!

We have both already started reading for our classes. It's amazing how many books there are to read. I'm only taking 6 hours (2 classes), but MSH is taking 12 hours. He will have no life, but like I said, we are here to learn and work hard.

These are our books-- well, most of them. A few are missing.

We are going to Highview Baptist Church tomorrow morning, and despite our deep desire to go to Dauphin Way, we are really excited about visiting new churches. Dr. Russell Moore, on of the deans here at Southern, is the preaching pastor there.

Anyway, like I said, I'll post pics soon. But until then, you get one...just one picture of our new house.

Ok...you don't have to beg!! Here is the outside. You know, since you begged to see it.

And just one picture of campus...this is Seminary Lawn. Beautiful, isn't it?

God is so good.