chicken and rice

I just made lunch for MSH from a recipe I found when I googled "Chicken and rice." Oh, and of course, I typed "Paula Deen" after I typed "Chicken and rice." (Doesn't everyone do that for a recipe you can't find? No? Oh, goodness. And I thought I wasn't the only one.)

Anyway, here is the recipe that came up.

Like I said, I just made it for MSH and served it to him for lunch along with a baked sweet potato and French-style green beans.

And he LOVED it. He had TWO helpings, which is unusual for him these days.

Anyway, print it out. It really is wonderful.

**Note: we left out the pimentos and water chestnuts per MSH's request.

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  1. Great to have you all as neighbors! I love your decorating . . . your house looks like a home already! We pray that your time here in Louisville is sweet and eternally productive!