Our New Look

We don't live at 5224 Brentwood Lane anymore, so naturally I had to change to the header of the blog.

Like it?

The picture is Southern Seminary's Lawn, which is basically in the middle of all the buildings; they almost forms a square around the lawn. On the right side is our library, James P. Boyce Centennial Library-- it is the biggest theological library in the world. On the left side is Norton Hall-- the place MSH and I will be taking a big chunk of our classes as well as being home to our wonderful seminary president, Dr. Al Mohler.

Anyway, so here is our new look.

And speaking of new looks, I got a terrible haircut yesterday. So, now I am off to a SALON to get it fixed. When they say you are getting a $10 haircut, you really ARE getting a $10 haircut. Blah.

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