I promised you pictures, so here they are.

A few rules first:

1. You may NOT laugh at how messy our house is.

2. You must look over clutter to see the real beauty of our humble abode.

3. You must not look at what needs to be done. Look only at what has been done already.

Are we good? Ok. Here they are...

My newly painted piece of furniture. It was my dad's mom's. We painted it "Patina"-- the color of our bedroom in Mobile. My cousin, Meg, painted the paintings above the piece. Aren't they beautiful?

We used to have an entire room devoted to black and white pictures (most of which I made myself in Italy, D.C., etc.). Here, we have one wall. I think it worked out quite well.

Our kitchen.

The Cross Wall- my mum's idea. We love it!

This is Louisville from the Indiana border. MSH and I love all the bridges here!

MSH is the perfect tour guide...always!

The carpet in the prayer room at Southern. I absolutely LOVE this carpet.

Prayer Room at SBTS.

Our library. The biggest theological library in the world.

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