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For some reason, our oldest cat, Shamgar has decided he will absolutely go bonkers now that we've moved to Louisville.

Sure, he's still the same old Sammy we love, but geez. The cats has gone NUTS.

Lately, he has become absolutely obsessed with light. Yes, that's right-- light. The light shines in our windows a lot more here than in Mobile, so Sham sees it on the walls, furniture, the insides of bookshelves...hang on.

...Ok. Sorry. I just had to rescue Sham from falling off the counter. He was chasing (naturally) light. That darn cat.

Sham in the bookshelf.

Oh, did I mention he climbs the cabinets, too? Yep. That's right. In the corner where the cabinets meet, there is a space. He likes to climb try to climb up in the space. I told you he was nuts.

And as far as his manners go, Little One (our other cat) must be rubbing off on him.

This is normal Little One-- crazy, a little "slow", uncouth, and just plain "I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks-about-me," mannered.

But now, normal Sham...

...gentle, proper, well-mannered Sham has gotten to be, well, a little more like Little One. See for yourself...

If anyone tries to tell you that animals don't have a personality, send them my way. This blog is evidence enough to contradict that statement. And I'd be more than happy to let 2 just absolutely INSANE cats live with them for a few days (which, it would never last that long-- they'd send them back the first time they used the litter box).

But, at the end of the day, they bring me a little bit of happiness, and they sure do make life around here a lot more interesting!

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  1. I am so glad that you posted on my blog and that now I have yours :) It sounds like you and Matt are doing wonderful! You are such a sweet couple and I know that the Lord is working through you mightily as a couple. Can't wait to continue hearing about all that is going on with ya'll!