Welcome to Louisville...The 168th Biggest City in the World!

We are here.

It was a long, long journey, but somehow, me, MSH, Shamgar and Little One all made it in one piece. Oh, and our stuff did, too. So that was great.

I'm not going to post pictures today, but our new place is getting to look like home more and more everyday, so as soon as I can clear some clutter, I will post some pics.

We love Louisville. There are a plethora of restaurants here. MSH already had some bread pudding pancakes at a place called Toast on Market. He's in love now. We ate at a couple of other restaurants, too. And everything's been great so far. MSH says he feels overwhelmed and underfunded. Oh how we are, too.

Southern's campus is breathtaking. It really is so beautiful. I can't wait for my family to get up here and see how God has blessed us.

Oh, and we got great news on Thursday, too. MSH has been offered an internship in Dr. Albert Mohler (the president of Southern Seminary)'s office. I was so excited about it, and MSH is even more excited than I am. He came here to learn, and learn he most certainly will under Dr. Mohler. God has blessed us so much already!

We have both already started reading for our classes. It's amazing how many books there are to read. I'm only taking 6 hours (2 classes), but MSH is taking 12 hours. He will have no life, but like I said, we are here to learn and work hard.

These are our books-- well, most of them. A few are missing.

We are going to Highview Baptist Church tomorrow morning, and despite our deep desire to go to Dauphin Way, we are really excited about visiting new churches. Dr. Russell Moore, on of the deans here at Southern, is the preaching pastor there.

Anyway, like I said, I'll post pics soon. But until then, you get one...just one picture of our new house.

Ok...you don't have to beg!! Here is the outside. You know, since you begged to see it.

And just one picture of campus...this is Seminary Lawn. Beautiful, isn't it?

God is so good.


  1. Thanks for sharing and keeping us posted on your new journey. It will go so fast, enjoy all of it.

  2. Can't wait to see more photos soon! I'm so happy for you two =)

  3. I want to come visit just for that lawn...and to see you. What fun, Whitney! Can't wait to see more pictures.

    So excited for Mat and the internship...what a great opportunity!