five of them

Yesterday, Mat and I got the great chance to keep the Allen kids.

...All five of them.
Anne-Marie, who is 6

Caroline, who is 5

William, who is 4

Alden, who is 2

Elizabeth, who is about 14 months

They were all so good, and Mat and I had a lot of fun. They were hilarious, and Anne-Marie and Caroline were two of the best little mommies in the world!

This is Alden. He is 100% B-O-Y!

This is William. He is so funny!

Sweet Anne-Marie being "mommy" to Elizabeth.

Mat reading to Alden...I think this might have been the only 5 minutes he stayed still the whole time we were there!

Anne-Marie, William and me (and please excuse how rough I look...taking care of 5 kids is hard work!!)

Precious baby Elizabeth...she is absolutely one of the best babies ever born!

Me and the whole Allen clan (Caroline, who I didn't get an individual shot of, is sitting in my lap)

And finally, my favorite picture of the whole night, made by none other than Miss Anne-Marie...

She's got pretty good photography skills, don't you think?

Jason is the vice president for advancement here at Southern, and he and his beautiful wife Karen used to attend Dauphin Way back in the day before they moved to Louisville. I'm so glad we got connected here. Their kids are so wonderful, and I love being around them!

And besides, Mat and I need all the practice we can get dealing with 5 children at once, right?!

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