these are a few of my favorite things...

I know some of you are scratching your heads trying to think of things to give for Christmas. I wanted to be able to help you out with all the special girls on your list by showing you things that I love. Enjoy!

1. Nikon d40x camera-- I got this camera about 2 years ago, and I am still in love with it. She takes great pictures, is always reliable, and she is just the right size for her kind of camera. She is so easy to use, too! (OK, so note here: the d40x is no longer available, I think. They have just come out with a d3000 which Digital Photography gave a 88% rating-- very good. It is great for beginners!)

2. KitchenAid mixer-- My grandparents bought this for Mat and me as a wedding gift. I cannot tell you how many meals and dishes have been prepared by this little baby. I absolutely adore her. She is my favorite kitchen tool of all time. (And she also comes in so many different colors!)

3. Scarves-- My favorite scarves are the ones I got in Italy, but I really do enjoy my scarves so much. I love how they can dress up an outfit, but how they still can look great casual, too. Scarves are my go-to piece for every outfit.

4. Monogram earrings-- my mum bought me a pair for Christmas last year (with my initials, of course). I think every girl needs a pair of monogram earrings like these. They are so classy, and so cute!

5. Bobbi Brown make-up brushes-- I have so many of Bobbi's make-up brushes, and they are the absolute best brushes you can find. They last forever, and none of the individual brush hairs ever fall out. They are kind of expensive, but so worth it!

6. Brooks Brothers Classic Two-Button Blazer-- Everyone (yes, even girls!) needs a good, classic navy blazer in their life. And it's even better if you can score one from Brooks. I have one that's an 18 in a little boys, but they make them for men and women, too. You can never go wrong with classic.

7. Ruffle Blouse from LOFT-- I work at LOFT (previously Ann Taylor LOFT), and this is one of my favorite blouses I have bought there so far. It is classic, yet feminine. I love it!

8. Boyfriend Jean from LOFT-- All I have to say is...go get these. They are worth every penny. I would have 7 pairs to wear every day if I could afford it. They wash and wear so great, and they look so cute rolled up with flats or heels and a dressy, feminine top.

9. Chiffon Flower Sweater, Holiday Collection, LOFT-- Ok, I'm sorry, but I love my job and I love the clothes I get to sell. This one is great for Holiday. I have it, and I love to wear it with my Boyfriend Jeans and my flats. So adorable!!!

10. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee-- Everyone needs this book (and grab the movie while you're out, too). It's a classic, and it can teach us so much about so much, especially about living in the South. I just love Scout...and Jem...and Atticus.

11. The iPhone-- What can I say? It does everything! I do not know if I would survive without it.

I hope you've found something you like on my Holiday Must-Have List! These are things that I really love and enjoy, and I hope you will be able to get some of these things on your list this season. It's December 2...only 22 shopping days left!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Mat and I to you!!!



On my very first day of Seminary here at Southern, my absolute most favorite teacher that I have ever had said to us, "I would just ask that you be open to the calling of the Lord upon your life. Are you even willing just to go where he would send you? But even more than that, I ask that you just be open to His call on your life. Are you even open to it?"

And that is something I will never forget.

That teacher was Dr. Brian Vickers, and for him, I am so thankful. He has taught me so much in my one class that I have had with him-- Intro to New Testament. Dr. Vickers is funny, sarcastic (in such a great way), smart and so genuine about his walk with the Lord. I am so blessed to have sat under his teachings.

Since that very first day all the way back in August, I have thought and thought about that question. Am I open to what the Lord has called me to? And I'm not really talking about missional work (as in to another city, country, etc.), I am really talking about just the everyday, day-to-day stuff. Am I open to God's call on my life? What is God's call on my life?

And with that thought came many talks with Mat, and a new direction for me for the next few years.

This week is bittersweet for me, because it is the last week I will be a student at Southern Seminary. My very short time in seminary here (one semester) has been so wonderful. I love my classes, my classmates, my professors (including Dr. V), and all that I am learning (which is, by the way, a ton. I have been so blessed just to sit under Dr. V, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Wellum). But I, along with my sweet, sweet Mat, have come to the conclusion that seminary is not where I need to be directing my life.

Mat and I are beginning to focus our lives in such a way so that I might fulfill one of my deepest desires-- to be a mother.

Now, before you start jumping up and down, I am not pregnant. But, Mat and I want to start moving toward that direction. We are now open and ready to be parents, and it is wiser for me to stop my formal education, and to work toward being a mother and all that it entails.

Mat and I already pray for our children every day. I cannot tell you how much we anxiously await the gift of children that we pray God will give to us. We are waiting and trusting in the Lord; we are yielding to His will for our lives, and we know that will is for me to be a mother.

We covet your prayers-- that the Lord would grow our family, and that He would do so quickly, but in His time, and that He would bless our future parenting and our future children. We so desire to be parents that bring their children up in the ways of the Lord. I desire my most precious and lasting legacy to be my children. And we plead with you to pray for us as we begin this journey together.

This has been a difficult decision for me. I really do truly love seminary, but I know the Lord wants me to lay that aside for His glory for now.

We know God has a bigger and better plan for me (and for us)-- bigger than Southern Seminary and a counseling degree (as wonderful and blessed as those two things are). But this bigger and better plan will be formed in my own womb. It will come as a small child into a very big world with a slew of faithful family and friends waiting to love him or her. The Lord already, at this very second, has precious and good thoughts toward him or her. God's eyes see our baby's unformed body, and all his days are ordained for him and are are written in His book, even though our future child is not even born yet (Psalms 139).

We plead and petition God for our child. We are excited, we are anxious, and we are trying so hard to be patient. We cannot wait for our first-born child to come into our lives.

Thank you for your prayers, and we promise to keep you updated.


i've been tagged...

My friend Mandy Wilburn (of The Wilburn Three) tagged me, so I am supposed to answer these questions about...you guessed it! My Sweet Husband. So, here goes!

1.What is his name? Mathew Christopher Alexander.

2. Who eats more? The boy does.

3. Who said, "I love you" first? He did...and it took me about 15 minutes to tell him the same thing back.

4. Who is taller? He is by far! See...

5. Who is more sensitive? Me.

6. Who does the laundry? We both do...but only until I am a stay at home mommy, then I will always do it.

7. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed, I sleep on the left side.

8. Who pays the bills? He does. I know absolutely nothing about our monetary status.

9. Who cooks more? I do, but he really does love to cook.

1o. Who is more stubborn? Me. Hands down.

11. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Him. Hands down.

12. Who has more siblings? We have equal-- he has one sister and a half sister. I have one brother and a half brother.

13. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Him. For sure.

14. What do you like to do together? Sit at coffee shops, go to movies, explore new towns (and old ones), talk, ride around, and "go places," as Mat said.

15. Who eats more sweets? Him.

16. Guilty Pleasures? I don't know what you mean...

17. How did you meet? Visit here...and Mat will explain himself!

18. Who asked whom out first? He asked me out...with the help of his parents' Sunday School class, and my best friend's mom, Susan Spruiell.

19. Who kissed who first? He, of course, kissed me first. I am a lady.

20. Who proposed? He did.

22. Tag! You’re it. Who do you tag? Jessie Jones.


me and ivanka and flowers

Ivanka Trump, Donald and Ivana Trump's daughter, got married the other day. Did you see any pictures??

Ivanka's bouquet.

Well, I saw a picture of her on her wedding day on a blog I follow, and I got so excited because I noticed that Ivanka and I had the same wedding bouquet (minus the greenery)! It's not that big of a deal, but I thought it was neat.

My bouquet.

Ivanka totally copied me.


dear santa...

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like two things:

1. A new, beautiful craft room

2. A new, beautiful sewing machine.



the not-so-old man and the sea

Whew. Ok...I promise I most certainly did not forget you! It's been crazy busy around these parts lately. In fact, I just popped MSH's birthday cake into the oven-- his 24th birthday is Friday. (Happy birthday, hunny! Loooooove you!)

Ahem. Anyway. I wanted to blog about something, and I had no idea what to blog about, and then my phone lit up. It was my big brother, Gunter.

You might not know Gunter. So...I need to introduce you to Gunter Lee Walker-- he's my older brother, and he is 25 years old.

Me, Gunter, and Papa at the house in Aroney.

Us with Papa again-- this time carving fish in Huntsville at Papa and Mimi's old house.

Gunter and Mom before a Bama game; Gunter went to Bama even though he is an Auburn fan. Gunter majored in biological sciences/ marine biology at UA.

Gunter and Mom at the beach.

Gunter lives in Cape May, New Jersey, where he is contracted out by the government. I have no idea what his real job title is, but I know he gets to ride on big fishing ships and make sure they only catch the amount of fish they are supposed to. He gets to see all sorts of things that are really cool, like orcas, turtles, and lots of big fish.

Gunter on some scuba diving trip...his favorite thing in the world to do!

Gunter walked me down the aisle on my wedding day-- he is my only brother, and he was always with me growing up. I loved having him give me away. (Sorry it's blurry!)

This is one of my most favorite pictures.

Mom and Gunter getting to see Ellie P. for the first time, March 2009.

Aren't they handsome?? My two men.

Gunter and Mom at the beach this past summer.

I love this kid. He, more than anyone else, knows how to get under my skin, but I really cannot help but to love him. He has such a great sense of humor, and he is all "Gunter" all the time. Gunter was named after my mom's maiden name, so his namesake is so special to our entire family.

I miss getting to see Gunter. It's been since June since he was home. I know Gunter will be a wonderful uncle to mine and Mat's kids one day. I'm sure he will have so many stories about living life at sea-- I cannot imagine them not loving him coming to visit! He is missed so much (by me and his entire family) now that he lives in New Jersey.

This one mean's a lot to me-- he's my only brother, and I can't imagine loving one any more than I do him. Miss you, brother. Come visit us soon...