more JOY...

I told you I'd show you some of the Alexander side of my family when my precious MIL uploaded them, so here they are!

Christmas Eve morning-- me and Mat with Mat's sisters, Kelly and Lenze

My two nephews, Aaron and Ethan

Christmas Eve night- Kelly and Damon with the boys

Dad (Mat's dad) and Mom2 (Mat's mom)-- my two wonderful "new" parents!

Me and Mat's Aunt Cathy's dog, Chloe; Chloe is a direct descendant of the dog that played Toto in "The Wizard of Oz."

There are my men...

The three girls...

This is the Mortons- Mat's Uncle Randall and Aunt Cathy, with their kids, Heath and Ryan. Heath's wife is Suzanna, and Ryan's kids are Allie Grace and Eli. Oh, and of course, Nanny's in the pic, too.

She's a total champ. She was excited about a present, I'm sure.

Aunt Cathy always sings "North to Alaska" every year on Christmas Eve. It's STELLAR!

My whole, new, wonderful family!

(I told you I was blessed!)

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