we are filled with JOY

"The LORD has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy."
-Psalm 126:3

Christmas was wonderful, short, and refreshing.

My theme for our three (short) days home was JOY. And the LORD showed me this theme time-after-time.

Here are a few reasons why JOY was my theme:

Mat and I got to go home, which, in itself, was a joy. We got to see everyone in our immediate families and most of our close extended families. We spent two great nights at Mat's parents' house and one night at my mum's with she and Gunter.

I got to see my Scottie, John Robby. (Short for John Roberts, my puppy's namesake. John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.)

We got to see Gunter, who lives a long way away now in New Jersey.

And finally, after so, so, so many months, we got to see this face. Ellie Parker, how YOU have brought our whole family so much JOY!

I got to see my mum, and I'm not quite sure how I didn't get a picture with her, but this one of her and EPG is so sweet.

We got to see my Papa and my Mimi, who is sick with a disease of the mind, and we covet your prayers for her. I love both of them so much! They are the beginnings of our family.

And this is my whole family. I love my family-- and not just my side, but Mat's too, who I can now say is MY family, too. We are blessed beyond measure. God has, for some reason unknown to me or Mat, chosen to bless us both with amazing families, and for that, we are so grateful. (As soon as my sweet Mom2 [Mat's mom] gets her Christmas pics uploaded, you'll get a pic of the Alexander side.)

Mat and I hope you, too, had a wonderful Christmas, and we hope your focus was on Him-- God in human form, who came to Earth to dwell with US.

Merry Christmas, and we pray all the best for you in 2010.

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