day 14

I took Sham and Little One to the vet today. It's a weird thing, switching vets, you know. How do you go about asking for a "good vet?" At home in Albertville, we always used the same vet-- I only know of one other vet in our whole county. Here, there's one on every corner. So, when I ask people, "What vet do you use?" I always get the same answer: "Oh, our vet's great." "The vet we use is good! I highly recommend him!" "Our vet is so convenient to our house! We love her!"

So, anyway I chose one based on how cute the building was and on how nice the vet looked-- and I kind of wanted a woman (sorry to be prejudice). I got to her cozy office today, and she was wonderful. She loved Little One (and Sham, too, but let's just say Little One stole the show).

Sham weighs 14 pounds, and Little One weighs 16. (We know, we know-- we need to switch their names.) The both got rabies shots and other pills, and Little One got some eye drops for his...wait for it-- allergies! He's just like his daddy.

Overall, it was a good experience-- there was one episode of poop and one episode of pee, but we made it back in one piece...I mean, three pieces.

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