Do you guys know about Gussy? Oh, you have to know about GUSSY!

I do not remember when I found Gussy (whose real name is Maggie Whitley) or her blog or her Etsy shop, but I am so glad I did! I lusted after her beautiful products for so long, and then I won a giveaway off her blog!

This is what I won...

...a Shady Gus!

Maggie Whitley makes "Vintage-inspired wallets and zipped pouches with flair!" Her products are wonderful (and I should know-- I own one!). She has a blog and a shop on Etsy.

This is Gussy's Web site...www.maggiewhitley.com.

And this is Gussy's Etsy shop...www.maggiewhitley.etsy.com.

Go check her sites out, and see for yourself-- Gussy's got it going on! Oh, and the ruffles on her stuff-- oh my, her ruffles! I could live in those ruffles!!

Gussy products are great because, well, they have ruffles on them. And they are lined, and her zippers are of great quality. Each Gussy comes with its own signature Gussy tag. Oh, and then there's those great detail buttons. Those are fabulous, too.

Gussy does custom orders, too! Contact her on her Web site to place an order, OR simply order a product off of her Etsy shop, and Maggie will get it sent right out to you! Maggie also does wholesale orders.

Gussys are great for your purse-- I keep my sunglasses and lipsticks in mine. Gussy also makes wallets and a beautiful laptop bag for work.

Maggie just got in new fabrics, so her Etsy shop will be all full by the beginning of this coming week. Don't miss out! And while you're there, check out all the great products she has on sale!

I really do love Gussy's products. I really, really do. They are so unique, and Maggie has such great talent. So, go order you a Gus. Your life needs more ruffles!

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  1. Oh boy, I looove Gussy! I own 3 Gussy's myself (including one very similar to yours!), and they're just fabulous! Maggie's so sweet, too. ;)