project 365 and day 7

I have been thinking about JOY a lot over the past few days, and I've come to the conclusion that I need to recognize JOY in my life more this year.

More JOY in 2010. I need that in my life.

So, in order to help fully capture all the JOY in my life, I have decided to do a daily post of at least one photo that brings JOY to my heart and life. The idea comes from Project 365. Go check them out here.

Now, I have to warn you-- sometimes, the photos will be on my good camera, and then some will be from my iPhone. But there will be photos, nonetheless.

And with that said, here is post #7 (check out SOME backdated posts below; ok, ok, it won't be a total of 365 pictures, but it will be close)...

That's Mat running across a very busy street (Frankfort) to come and rescue me-- I tried to drive to work in the snow, and it did not work out so well for me. I didn't wreck, but I refused to drive any further at this point.

Mat came to get me, and he had to park across the street and then walk to come and get me and the car. Such a sweet husband...

...and then he called me Zsa Zsa (as in Gabor). But that's nothing new-- he always calls me that.

But, this photo brings me JOY, because I love that man running across the street to come and get me. I love him to death! And I am so thankful for him every. single. day.

Pure JOY.

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