PW's lasagna

I made Pioneer Woman's (who will from here-on-out be strictly referred to as PW) lasagna.

I didn't make any pictures of the actual process, but here it is...

Oh. My. Gracious.

Have you made this stuff yet? It is to die for. Really, it's become Mat's favorite...in food, that is. I am his favorite in real life.

And PW saves the day (or at least my morning) by making this recipe available to you...and I don't have to type anything out. Thanks, P-Dub. You're the best. Wink.

Click here to go to The Pioneer Woman's Web site and get the recipe for The Best Lasagna Ever.

And now go buy some sausage and get to cookin'. (Heck yeah-- there's sausage in it!)

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  1. This lasagna is so good! I made some before Charlotte was born and froze half of it. It made me so happy to have such a good meal in the freezer! Although this recipe took me forever last time I made it!