ever since...

Mat and I got married, the amount of laundry I have to do has tripled.

Wait. Hold up. Tripled? How is that possible, Whitney? Don't you mean doubled??

No, dear, I mean TRIPLED. Mat wears and messes up more clothes than anyone I've ever come in contact with. Ever. Seriously, the boy has problems.

And his problems have left me with lotta' 'splain' to do, Lucy laundry. A LOT OF IT.

So, I had to come up with a system. I was seriously washing clothes all the time. And I hate it, because so many of our clothes have to be hung up to dry.  I consulted RealSimple.com, and then developed my own system...


This is my system. Just as the sheet reads. And this works for me, but it might not to you. So, if you hate doing laundry every single day, do it like this-- break it up. It helps out so much. And if you aren't like me and have a slight obsession with clean oxford cloth sheets, you can probably wash your bedsheets and rugs every other Saturday. But here we have to wash them weekly.

It's not a huge difference, but it's a difference. Right now, there is laundry in the laundry basket, but that's ok. What's in there will be washed come it's day of the week. But for now, I think I'm good where I am.

day 57



I love getting snail mail. I really do. But lately I cannot help but think that maybe I don't send it enough.

Image from here.

I am usually pretty good at sending a thank you letter or a note attached to a gift, but I do not send out many day-to-day letters just to say hello and to be encouraging. So, I am going to try to do better. Or, to be more specific (because almost all of my teachers have told me to be specific in making goals), I am going to try to send one letter a week.

As Kelly from Kelly's Korner, said in this post, "Let's be that little 'pick-me-up' for others (by sending them a letter in the mail)......what do you think? Is there someone who you could make their day by mixing a 'thinking of you' in between the cable bill and the electric bill?"

I think she couldn't me more right on.

So, I thought I could maybe, just maybe help spread some love by sending some snail mail. What could it hurt, right? I think a 42 cent stamp is completely worth it.

God has blessed me with 2 things that will really help me out as I try to accomplish this:
1. Lots of beautiful stationery (Thanks, Mum!)
2. A love for even MORE beautiful stationery for my growing collection.

But, just to liven things up a bit, I wanted to show you a few more things that would make this experience even more beautiful...

Image from here.

This writing desk. Who doesn't love distressed white wood? Uhh, I love it! I could write a million letters a day if I had this desk!

Image from here.
Scottie note cards from Crane and Co. Everyone would love a little John Robby in the mail!

Image from here.

Don't these beauties remind you of Tiffany and Co.? They are so pretty!

Image from here.
These notecards, also from Crane and Co., are engraved with amazing detail.

Image from here.

It's no secret that I love a Fleur de Lis, and these handmade notecards can be found on Etsy.com.

Image from here. 

And, of course, I'd love to be able to write with this beautiful Tiffany and Co. pen. (Love the pink detail, don't you?)

But, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it's not the pen I use, the paper I write on, or the desk I sit at that's important-- it's the words I write. Hopefully, the words I write with the pen they gave me at the bank on my left-over wedding stationery will mean just as much as if I were to write it with that Tiffany pen on those handmade cards. It IS the thought that counts, right? And I promise to put a lot of thought into the words I write.

I hope I have inspired you, too. What do you say? Want to join me in resolving to send some more snail mail this year?

 Image from here.

day 56


merry meets the cat & other adventures

On Saturday, Adina, our neighbor and my sweet friend, called and had made
chocolate-covered strawberries.

I went over with my camera, of course.

Merry was there, too.

Merry ate some strawberries and entertained me while I was there.


Then, Merry wanted me to see her room. And then she wanted to dress me up like a princess. And this princess, obviously, does not wear make-up on Saturdays, so please don't poke fun of
the way the princess looks without make-up. Natural beauty, ahem, is in.


Then, Merry wanted to come and play at my house. Of course I said yes.
Merry needed to meet the cats.


They were introduced. She still has no idea what his name is. I couldn't get it to stick with her.


Then, Merry told me what Little One was thinking. I can't remember what she said. 

But, then Little One yawned, and Merry didn't like that.

Then, she pointed at him and said, "Don't do that!!"

And then Merry was done with the cats. And then I proceeded to make a lot of pictures of her.






I am so lucky blessed to have such a beautiful and fun neighbor. I'm so glad she's my friend.
(And I'm glad her mom's my friend, too.)

day 55


night-night (kids beds, of course)

The great people over at CSNStores.com were so gracious to let me review one of their products for them. I'll let you know what they send me and how great it is (I know it will be!) once I receive it.

BUT...before that, I was browsing some of their Web sites, and I saw the most beautiful kids beds I have ever seen...

And even really, really precious baby cribs, too...



Head on over to their site. And while you're there, check out some of CSN's other sites, too.

Now, if we only had a baby...

yet another giveaway...

...over here!

Thanks, Design Girl!!!

day 54


this weekend, i'll...

probably watch a lot of the Olympics...

probably clean our house...

make lots of pictures...

go to the grocery store...

miss my family back home...

organize my wedding photos into an album...

do some laundry...

love on my kitty cats...

go to church on Sunday...

hang out with a few certain girls that I just adore...

read another book by Dan Brown...

and I might even sleep in on Saturday...

What are you doing this weekend?

day 50


giveaway winner!

The winner of the $15.00 Ann Taylor LOFT giftcard is...


Congrats, Jacky! I so happy for you! I hope you can find something cute to buy at LOFT. Email me to claim your prize!!

*If Jacky has not claimed her prize in 48 hours, I will pick another winner.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!!! I wish I could give you all a giftcard!

day 46


all you need is love...

In honor of LOVE...

I am writing this post about things I love.

So, without further adieu, I love...



Blizzards with extra Reese's.

Chalkboard paint.

My Nikon.

Shamgar and Little One.


The beach.


Dachshunds (especially Freeman!)


My whole family-- the ones I was born to and the ones that I married into.

Real Simple magazine.


My tartan umbrella.

My Gail Pittman dishes.

All things Italian, including the country.


To Kill a Mockingbird.

Jesus Christ and His mercies.



Jimmy Stewart.

Basset Hounds (especially Aggie Doodle!)

Touching up photographs.

My wedding ring.

Lawry's Season Salt.



Good conversation.

The Family Stone.

Friday afternoons.





The way babies smell.

Hot tea.

Oxford cloth sheets.

My mum.


Scottie dogs (especially John Robby!)

Oh, and did I mention Mat?

day 45


My Valentine.


cooking with PW

I've made several of PW's recipes since my last post...

1. Cheese grits-- perfect recipe. Outstanding! Mat and I (true Gulf Coast cuisine enthusiasts) love this!

2. Pico de gallo-- Mat said too much onion, even though I tried to use more tomato than onion. It was a big hit at our Super Bowl Party, though. It was gobbled right up!

3. Meatloaf-- The best I've ever had! I could go without the bacon next time, though. The sauce? Delicious!

4. Country Fried Steak and Gravy-- Mat loved this!! It was really good.

5. Buttermilk Biscuits-- Mat described these as "Oklahoma biscuits," and they most certainly are. I did not really care for them. No matter how high up I made sure to pat the dough was, they turned out flat.

6. Spicy Pulled Pork-- Absolutely one of the best things I've ever made. The secret? The Dutch Oven you have to use to make it. It literally fell apart because it was so tender.

7. Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich-- Again, it was a hit. My only recommendation? Make sure the cube steak is very, very thin.

If you want any of these recipes, search ThePioneerWoman.com or email me.