cooking with PW

I've made several of PW's recipes since my last post...

1. Cheese grits-- perfect recipe. Outstanding! Mat and I (true Gulf Coast cuisine enthusiasts) love this!

2. Pico de gallo-- Mat said too much onion, even though I tried to use more tomato than onion. It was a big hit at our Super Bowl Party, though. It was gobbled right up!

3. Meatloaf-- The best I've ever had! I could go without the bacon next time, though. The sauce? Delicious!

4. Country Fried Steak and Gravy-- Mat loved this!! It was really good.

5. Buttermilk Biscuits-- Mat described these as "Oklahoma biscuits," and they most certainly are. I did not really care for them. No matter how high up I made sure to pat the dough was, they turned out flat.

6. Spicy Pulled Pork-- Absolutely one of the best things I've ever made. The secret? The Dutch Oven you have to use to make it. It literally fell apart because it was so tender.

7. Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich-- Again, it was a hit. My only recommendation? Make sure the cube steak is very, very thin.

If you want any of these recipes, search ThePioneerWoman.com or email me.

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  1. I totally agree on the biscuits! At least your experience makes me feel better that I didn't totally mess them up. Although your success with the meatloaf proves that I totally messed ours up! Thanks for sharing!