feeding time: shamgar

This is an actual account of the events that take place daily when it is time to give Shamgar his treats. No kitty was harmed during the account of this certain feeding. (No kitty has ever been harmed in any accounts of feedings around here.)

Enter Shamgar the Great.

Sham: "Hey, lady. I do not want what is in this bowl. I want what's in that other bowl. Yeah, that's right. The treats."

"This is what I'm talkin'about! These soft, scrumptious treats. I could eat them all day (if you would let me and if you could afford it...)!"

"Ohhhhhh how I love them. Heart and chicken leg-shaped treats with artificial chicken and cheese flavors. COME TO DADDY!!!"

"Look! I can swallow without chewing!"

 "Oh no. What's this? The last one??"

"Wait! I found a crumb...on my chops!"

"There is more, right? Oh yes, let me look behind me. I know there's more here."

"There is no more."

"I shall lick my paws and act as if I do not care that there is no more. I am a gentleman. And I know you will give me more."

"I am in complete denial."

("If I look sad long enough, she will give me more.")

"Are you zooming in on this sad, sweet face? Get my good side."

"Ok, if there is no more, I will go to this silver bowl you fill with hard, stinky dry cereal food...and refuse to eat it. Because I know that you have the goodness that is Whiskar Lickins in the other dish."

"Ok. You win. But this is the last time."

"Oh no. I think I broke a tooth."

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  1. ok, this is hilarious! i laughed out loud. i mean, how can people NOT like cats?! it's beyond me....