merry meets the cat & other adventures

On Saturday, Adina, our neighbor and my sweet friend, called and had made
chocolate-covered strawberries.

I went over with my camera, of course.

Merry was there, too.

Merry ate some strawberries and entertained me while I was there.


Then, Merry wanted me to see her room. And then she wanted to dress me up like a princess. And this princess, obviously, does not wear make-up on Saturdays, so please don't poke fun of
the way the princess looks without make-up. Natural beauty, ahem, is in.


Then, Merry wanted to come and play at my house. Of course I said yes.
Merry needed to meet the cats.


They were introduced. She still has no idea what his name is. I couldn't get it to stick with her.


Then, Merry told me what Little One was thinking. I can't remember what she said. 

But, then Little One yawned, and Merry didn't like that.

Then, she pointed at him and said, "Don't do that!!"

And then Merry was done with the cats. And then I proceeded to make a lot of pictures of her.






I am so lucky blessed to have such a beautiful and fun neighbor. I'm so glad she's my friend.
(And I'm glad her mom's my friend, too.)


  1. LOTS of comments when I posted this on FB. . .I think people are shy about commenting on blogs, so I thought I'd post the comments here. Thanks for sharing Whitney!

    "Okay, that was absolutely awesome. Ending the evening with a smile!"

    "so sweet"


    8 hours ago ·

    "Aw! It makes me miss Merry SO much! I think Merry and Abi could have been kindred spirits!"

    "That was so cute! It was written like a children's storybook. What a good idea. And there were some great pictures of Merry."

    "I loved it!!! Adorable little Merry and your friend is pretty w/o make-up."

  2. Merry is a delight and you have captured it perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is so sweet and so fun...you will make a great mom someday! And natural beauty works perfect for you! Lots of blessings for you and your husband (and the cats) while you follow Gods lead!

  4. I'm not shy about commenting on blogs, so I'll go right ahead. :)

    This is absolutely adorable! I love the series of pictures and captions as Merry plays with the cat. Too cute.

    And you are beautiful, make up or not.

  5. Thank you for the nice story about my little granddaughter Merry! You are a good photographer, and that is coming from a former Army photographer! Keep writing in storybook form, especially when you write about children because that works. I love the layout of your blog. The colors remind me of the 70's again. Now we are ready to see a story about Micah and Elijah! HA HA. Thanks. Debbie Caskey