what's in my purse?

This is everything that's in my purse right now. Everything. And, boy, it's heavy. But I have seen several of my favorite bloggers do a "What's in my purse?" post, so I thought I'd do it, too.

1. St. Ives hand lotion-- a must for me in this really cold Louisville weather.
2. Hand sanitizer-- because Mat never washes his hands before we eat.
3. Asprin-- because things hurt that shouldn't.
4. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Gloss-- from my Mom2; this stuff is amazing!
5. Bobbi Brown lip sticks in Brown Sugar and Rum Raisin; my go-to lipsticks.
6. Brooks Brothers New York perfume-- from Mat; it is delightful!
7. Bobbi Brown's signature yellow concealer-- I couldn't do without it!
8. My small digital camera (in it's case)
9. Small Bobbi Brown pressed foundation
10. Laura Mercier powder foundation
11. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes and Breath Savers mints
12. Tweezers-- because...you never know when you'll need 'em!
13. Sinus headache and cold medicine
14. Nivea chap stick-- my favorite!
15. Brooks Brothers wayfarers-- adorable sunglasses!
16. Tide To Go pen-- a must for anyone who is around Mat Alexander longer than 5 minutes.

17. Vera Bradley eyeglasses case for my reading glasses
18. Post-it note with scribbles on it (there's always one in it)
19. iPod shuffle
20. My Hobo-- couldn't do without it!
21. Lilly Pulitzer sticky notes
22. Work keys
23. Brooks Brothers hanky-- I hate Kleenex
24. The iPhone
25. Pens
26. Eye drop samples from my eye doctor

 28. Zinc cough drops-- they work miracles
29. My GUSSY!!! (www.maggiewhitley.com)
30. Bobbi Brown lip balm-- the best!
31. My old monogram mirror-- I just can't bear to get rid of her (she still says wWv).

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