here comes the sun...

Warning: Long post full of ramblings about photos, babies, cooking, snakes (SNAKES! What the heck, Whitney?), blog designs, and notecards headed your way!

I feel like there's so much to tell you...and I have no idea where to begin!

First of all, here's this to brighten your day a litte:

(This is my cousin Meg's picture and my editing)

Isn't she precious? Yes, of course she is. Absolutely darling. The cutest baby in the world!

Anyway, now that you're smiling...

First things first-- I have been working really hard (in the abundance of in my spare time) on my photography. I have two sessions with two different families scheduled for this Saturday and next week. I hope they go really well.

Mat has been so supportive of my desire to start taking my photography more seriously. We have chats about it, he helps me look at pictures, and he talks business to me. I also read a blog this week about a girl who had a dream and has just begun to get her ducks in a row to start making it happen. And then there's that great girl Gussy who decided to make her dream come true, too (and she has!!!). If I try to take my dream more seriously, and I fail, what's the worse that can happen? I fail, right? Right.

I'll fail, and then I'll move on with life. It's that simple.

I have a name, a great camera, and passion for the art, and I just finished putting the final touches on my photography logo on Adobe InDesign. I think it looks pretty good for a girl who took her Adobe classes almost 5 years ago. (I'll reveal it later!) Things are coming together very nicely!

So...with that being said, don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like some pictures. In fact, PLEASE contact me!!! For the first few sessions, I wont' be charging-- I want to learn and begin a solid process, so everything will be free-of-charge (and you'll get edited, good quality prints and/or a CD of all the photos that are "good"). Let me know if you'd like me to snap some pictures of you or the awesome people you hang out with...

Second-- my blog is getting a make-over! And I'm super pumped. It will be around 9-10 weeks before we reveal the new blog layout, but it's coming. And my blog's going to look much more "Whitney-ish" when it gets installed!

Third-- today, two years ago, my then-boyfriend Mat put on a suit and bowtie, drove 3 hours from Mobile, and proposed to me in the dining room of my little house in Tuscaloosa. I said yes, and haven't stopped kissing him since!

Fourth-- the Mum sent me and Mat our Easter baskets this week. Look what was in mine!

Yay-ya!!! New notecards. Always a plus. Mum remembered I wanted these from this post. Isn't she the best!?! (I got Lilly p.j. pants, a fleur-de-lis letter opener, a Scottie journal and notepad, too. Score.)

And why bees, you ask? My Papa keeps bees. (Or maybe they keep him, who knows), but, I've been told his honey is the best on the Mountain (Sand Mountain, that is-- where Mat and I grew up). I don't eat honey by itself, but I know it's phenomenal in my Whole Wheat Honey Oatmeal Bread (you have to ask me for this recipe-- I'm not posting it!)

Oh and speaking of Sand Mountain, have you ever heard of this book?

Yeah...it's not a joke. Buy it. And read it. It will change your life.

I can't believe that's where I'm from. Snake handlers. Really.

I digress.

Fifth-- sometimes I get distracted by life from life (just like up above). And then my kitchen ends up looking like this...

Just keepin' it real, folks. Keepin' it real.

And finally-- I walked outside one morning on the way to work to put a letter in the mailbox. I ran into this guy...

I thought he was so funny sitting up there. I have lovingly (and completely out of fear of him) named him The Mailbox Superhero. (I think that's what he's doing up there. Maybe...)

At least I know no one will still my ValuPak of coupons for $10 oil changes, a free set of dentures and retractable porches before I can get to them...

**Revision: I just posted this post, and then saw what I had titled it: "here comes the sun..."

I have no idea what I was going to talk about that had to do with the sun. Or it coming.

My life. Sheesh.

day 90


lynn's paradise cafe, part dos

I told you guys I'd be back with more of Lynn's Paradise Cafe, so here I am!

One thing Lynn's specializes in is crazy lamps. Check these out:

The tea bag lamp is my favorite. Believe it or not, you can actually still smell tea when you stand near it!

The BINGO lamp is great, too.

And there's more than lamps in "The World of Swirl" (commonly known as the gift shop).

Pickle band-aids....

Lobster chop sticks...

A ball attached to a huge tongue so that when dogs hold it in their mouth it looks like they have a huge tongue. HIL-arious...

Chapstick that serves as "instant therapy," a tool to "understand your mother," and a tool to "understand modern art." Again, HIL-arious...

A "Moo Mixer" that stirs your chocolate milk...

And finger puppets...

Scary, funny finger puppets, that become even more hilarious when they are atop my husband's Johnny Bravo hands...

Oh, and I couldn't forget the resident hula girl. She was great. Really sweet girl.

There are also lots of different crazy glasses...

And Hil loves them, too. Just ask her. (Apparently she's been to Lynn's at some point. Probably on her way to Israel for a big important trip or something. Maybe she just really wanted to eat before she left.)

And finally, there are some pretty funny books.

We got one that is made up entirely of recipes for biscuits. But, it's not a joke. The recipes are real. And the biscuits will be real, when we finally decide to make them.

They have mugs, too. Great mugs. I want one. I might need to go back and pick one up. And maybe grab Hula Girl while I'm there. (I need a girl around here; I don't know if I can stay in this house with all these boys much longer.)

In all seriousness, the food at Lynn's is amazing. Her biscuits are at least 6 inches tall. I love her eggs and bacon, too. And her coffee is wonderful! I'm sorry there are no pictures to show you of our food-- it was gone before I remembered to make any of it (and the food was so good, I even forgot my name while I was eating). (The specialty at Lynn's is breakfast, but we've eaten dinner there, as well, and it was just as good.)

Lynn's Paradise Cafe is a blast. If you're ever in the Louisville area, stop on by, grab a biscuit and a book on kissing, and hop on that moose!


lynn's paradise cafe, part uno

This post means a few things.

1. I have time on my hands. You mean a lot to me. So I am posting something for you to read.

2. My Adobe Photoshop is working again! It's an Easter miracle. (Or maybe Mat fixed it and didn't tell me.)

3. I have something to show you. (And, boy, do I ever! Wait until you read this post!)

4. It has been so long since I last posted I almost forgot I had a blog!

Ok. Now it's time for the post...

This past weekend, my in-laws came to town. We went to eat at Lynn's Paradise Cafe, and I couldn't let another day go by without showing you pictures. Seriously. You're gonna love it.

This is the outside of Lynn's. It's a funky place, dude! From the street, it looks like a big 'ole junk yard. Just plain junky. Like, really junky. But whimsical, and fun. And it draws me in like a big 'skeeter to a bug lamp every single time!

(Oh, and this part is free of charge:)
Dear Lynn's,
Please tell the sweet girl that put the letters on your "Open" sign that she misspelled "Paradise." (How embarrassing-- I mean, it's in your NAME!)

I love these teacups.

And the teapot with the water that makes bubbles! Too fun. (I'm so glad there wasn't someone taking a bubble bath in there. That would be gross. And weird. And I would be tempted to join them. Maybe. But only if it was Mat in there!)

And FAKE flowers. No real ones to be found, but tons of fake ones. I swear (if I was a swearin' kind of girl!) that it was like a cemetery with all the fake flowers!

There's Mat (he's cute, isn't he?) and his little sister Lenze. They are so pumped about eating at Lynn's. (Sorry your gravy was gross, Lenz. Get eggs next time!)

There's all sorts of weird stuff outside of Lynn's Paradise Cafe...

...like these hands that you sit on....

...and this big guy...

...and this big guy on this other big guy (that big guy in yellow is my father-in-law, Chris)...

...and sometimes the big guy's wife (and my mother-in-law) joins him on the other big guy (and it becomes HILARIOUS!)...

...and there's this PVC-pipe-music-thing that you play with a pair of flip-flops...

...and finally there's this big horse (another big guy) that is like a giant toaster.

And the wonderful people of Lynn's are so sweet-- they give you a free postcard when you eat there. (I took two.)

I'll be back tomorrow with part dos: the inside of Lynn's. Until then, here's a sneak peek (do you see me in the picture below?)...


oh the agony!!!


My Adobe Photoshop is broken. Yup. That's right. Plain 'ole BROKE. And I have no idea what happened to it.


Until I have the time to Mat gets the time to sit down and figure out why my Mac won't pull up Photoshop, I'll have to hold off on posting anymore Project 365 pictures. (I simply cannot post SOTC* pictures-- it's against my religion.) *Straight Out of the Camera

Your heart breaks, I know. I can't imagine how it must feel to be you-- no more pictures of food.

Or plants.

Or random streets.

Or Sham.

Or...oh say it ain't so...LITTLE ONE!! OH the agony!

I feel for you, I really do.


Because I feel so bad for you, I am posting one photo of Little One and sweet Shammy to keep you satisfied until I can get Mat can get Photoshop up and running again.

And bless your hearts.

Wouldn't you just love for this to show up on your doorstep? Don't answer that, or Mat just might make it happen for you.