the barn

Why the Pottery Barn makes me feel like I live in a real barn (ok, not really, but it sounded funny):

Found Antique Pickling Jars, $139.00-$179.00

Found Milk Bottles, set of 6, $30.00

Wine Bottle Chandelier, $399.00

Norfolk Dining Table, $999.00

PB Classic Glass Apothecary Jars, $39.00-69.00

Cafe Strip Pillow Cover, $39.00-49.00

Rhodes Party Bucket, $39.00-129.00 (I want to use it as a planter!)

Pearl Embroidered Boudoir Pillow Cover, $14.99

Victorian Tumbler, Set of 6, $36.00

Janelle Rug, $149.00-599.00

Newport Double Sink Console, $2997.00
Pottery Barn's feel is clean, classic, homey-- just the kind of taste that was instilled in me by my mum. Too bad I'm not a bizzillionaire so I could actually afford to shop there. 

Oh, well. Mat and I are blessed, and we have a home that is way better than we deserve.

So I just enjoy looking at the magazine...and saving my nickles and dimes for a new sofa from PB.

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