lynn's paradise cafe, part uno

This post means a few things.

1. I have time on my hands. You mean a lot to me. So I am posting something for you to read.

2. My Adobe Photoshop is working again! It's an Easter miracle. (Or maybe Mat fixed it and didn't tell me.)

3. I have something to show you. (And, boy, do I ever! Wait until you read this post!)

4. It has been so long since I last posted I almost forgot I had a blog!

Ok. Now it's time for the post...

This past weekend, my in-laws came to town. We went to eat at Lynn's Paradise Cafe, and I couldn't let another day go by without showing you pictures. Seriously. You're gonna love it.

This is the outside of Lynn's. It's a funky place, dude! From the street, it looks like a big 'ole junk yard. Just plain junky. Like, really junky. But whimsical, and fun. And it draws me in like a big 'skeeter to a bug lamp every single time!

(Oh, and this part is free of charge:)
Dear Lynn's,
Please tell the sweet girl that put the letters on your "Open" sign that she misspelled "Paradise." (How embarrassing-- I mean, it's in your NAME!)

I love these teacups.

And the teapot with the water that makes bubbles! Too fun. (I'm so glad there wasn't someone taking a bubble bath in there. That would be gross. And weird. And I would be tempted to join them. Maybe. But only if it was Mat in there!)

And FAKE flowers. No real ones to be found, but tons of fake ones. I swear (if I was a swearin' kind of girl!) that it was like a cemetery with all the fake flowers!

There's Mat (he's cute, isn't he?) and his little sister Lenze. They are so pumped about eating at Lynn's. (Sorry your gravy was gross, Lenz. Get eggs next time!)

There's all sorts of weird stuff outside of Lynn's Paradise Cafe...

...like these hands that you sit on....

...and this big guy...

...and this big guy on this other big guy (that big guy in yellow is my father-in-law, Chris)...

...and sometimes the big guy's wife (and my mother-in-law) joins him on the other big guy (and it becomes HILARIOUS!)...

...and there's this PVC-pipe-music-thing that you play with a pair of flip-flops...

...and finally there's this big horse (another big guy) that is like a giant toaster.

And the wonderful people of Lynn's are so sweet-- they give you a free postcard when you eat there. (I took two.)

I'll be back tomorrow with part dos: the inside of Lynn's. Until then, here's a sneak peek (do you see me in the picture below?)...

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  1. Good Morning, Sweetie! So glad your photo thing is fixed. This place looks like so much fun! Can we go there when I come to visit? Please!?!

    I love you, Mums