oh the agony!!!


My Adobe Photoshop is broken. Yup. That's right. Plain 'ole BROKE. And I have no idea what happened to it.


Until I have the time to Mat gets the time to sit down and figure out why my Mac won't pull up Photoshop, I'll have to hold off on posting anymore Project 365 pictures. (I simply cannot post SOTC* pictures-- it's against my religion.) *Straight Out of the Camera

Your heart breaks, I know. I can't imagine how it must feel to be you-- no more pictures of food.

Or plants.

Or random streets.

Or Sham.

Or...oh say it ain't so...LITTLE ONE!! OH the agony!

I feel for you, I really do.


Because I feel so bad for you, I am posting one photo of Little One and sweet Shammy to keep you satisfied until I can get Mat can get Photoshop up and running again.

And bless your hearts.

Wouldn't you just love for this to show up on your doorstep? Don't answer that, or Mat just might make it happen for you.


  1. The more I get to know you, the more your blogs make me laugh! I read and hear your voice, your sarcasm, your classy drawl and the sparkle in your eye as you smile at the world going by. . .