i don't have any reason for...

...a nursery right now, but, someday Mat and I pray we will.

So, in the mean time, I've been collecting ideas for what I would like our baby's nursery to look like. (Mum, I know you are super pumped about this post-- it's for you!)

I really like the colors in this room. I love that the crib has been painted blue! It makes much more of a statement than if it were just plain 'ole white. And I'm sure our baby boy would be making a huge statement with everything he did. After all, he'd be his father's son.

I also really like the colors in this room. I'm not sure if I could be ok with putting a little boy in such a bright room, but it's cute, nonetheless.

The only reason I am showing you this picture is to show my mom the framed dress above the bed. (Mum, how cute would it be for me to hang the dress I came home in above my daughter's crib?!)

I LOVE this huge mirror above this crib. I just says "baby girl" to me. I love it.

I love the six pictures above this crib, too. They are precious. I love how big the frames are and how small the prints are. Perfect.

I love these two fabrics in this nursery. I've always wanted a big, comfy chair in my baby's nursery. That way, I can sit in there the whole time he/she is asleep-- haha!

I love this nursery because of the fabric detail on the crib. Lovely.

This picture is from a blog I follow. I love the crib and the pictures above the crib. I always tell Mat our little boy will have a Peter Rabbit nursery. I think it is just the sweetest. And who doesn't love Jemima Puddle-Duck and Mr. Jeremiah Fisher?

This picture is from a designer who works in Florida. This is her little girl's room. This is what I love about this nursery: look closely at those plates above the crib...

They are made out of paper dolls! Ahh. I love this.

And I love how clean this nursery is. I'm not wild about the "circular" crib trend-- I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to a rectangular crib. But this room is just perfect. I love it.

And finally, this is my favorite. Of all time. Ever. I love everything about it. I love the neutrality of it. I love the softness of it. I love the whitewashed floors. I love that teddy bear. I love everything. I love that is is gender friendly, too. Sheer perfection here.

We probably have a little while before we'll be in need of a nursery like these sweet ones pictured above. But, it's never too soon to start thinking! I already have a file folder on my Mac for my pictures of nurseries and all things babies. 

And finally, again, for my Mum, I leave you with one final picture...this one is just in case Mat and I ever have twins!

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  1. All are wonderful. I especially like the idea of framing your baby dress. Does Mat have any of his baby outfits that his mother saved? You might could do the same with them for a boy's room.