MY stream of consciousness

Right now, dinner is in the oven, and I am completely overwhelmed with the feeling of excitement-- I cannot wait until Mat gets home.

There's nothing extra special about tonight. There's nothing I have to tell him. There's nothing he has told me he needs to tell me. He hasn't bought me a gift. I don't have anything to show him. This is a normal thing for us-- we are crazy about each other.

I cannot wait to see my husband.

For dinner, we are having baked fish and garlic and cracked pepper potato smashers. (Which, because some of the pieces on the pan burned, just made our smoke detector go off like crazy. Like, 4 times. Embarrassing.)

Today, I bought the "Glee" soundtrack from season one. Are you guys watching this show? I just started, and I am already so hooked on it. I love it. The actors can sing so well. It's a pretty funny show, too. Check it out if you haven't already.

I got a great opportunity to work with Mary Kassian, who is a Christian author who teaches twice a year here at Southern Seminary. I am helping her with some social media stuff for a book she just released, "Girls Gone Wise." This is such a wonderful opportunity for me to get to work on some more of my PR degree skills. I love doing this kind of thing.

Pray for us. Mat and I have another opportunity this weekend for something that just might end up being extra-special and a total blessing from the Lord. Please pray-- God knows the details, and hopefully, I'll be able to fill you in soon.

I also got a promotion (my second one in a little under 2 months) at work. This was huge for me-- I got a raise, and my boss is helping me get even more experienced in PR work through a company franchise. I am really enjoying the PR work I get to do in addition to my administrative and book-keeping duties.

My grandfather is having laparoscopic knee surgery next Thursday. Prayers are much appreciated. He tore his meniscus (the two cartilage that are between the thigh bone and shin bone). We are just so thankful he didn't tear his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or his medial collateral ligament (MCL). Nonetheless, it is surgery, and he will need prayers.

I think that's it. I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I last posted anything-- much less a picture or two for Project 365. Things just got really busy lately, and life is so crazy. But, we love it. Life is good, and God is great.


  1. Oh Whit! I love your sweet post! I really want to start watching Glee (after life settles down)! And I am so excited about your PR opportunities! Can't wait to hear more about them! Love you sweet girl!

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