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Mat and I had a good weekend. I babysat Friday night while Mat worked. It came a horrible thunderstorm, but luckily Anne-Marie, Caroline, William, Alden and sweet baby Elizabeth slept right through it. I had a date with Uncle Bill, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Saturday, we slept in for a little while, and then Mat went to work. I went grocery shopping, then met Mat at the mall for Mexican food. (Score.)

Saturday night, Mat and I went to our friend Adam and Sarah's house to play games. We had so much fun, and the girls dominated the boys...three time in Catch Phrase and once in Cranium. (Way to go, girls!)

Sunday, Mat preached at Sunny Side Baptist Church in Shepherdsville. Mat and I have come to love those people, as this was our third Sunday there worshipping with them. (We also scored some homemade sourdough bread Sunday night from Mrs. Robena Shepherd, and I'm admitting it-- it's almost gone already.) Sunday afternoon, I went over to my friend D's house, and hung out with some friends before Mat and I drove back out for church that night.

We are getting into a new kind of normal right now-- Mat's not in school, summer's here, and I am working a 9-5. It's good. It's weird, though, when I think about "life"...sometimes I stop and remember that I'm a "grown up." And I seriously can't believe it. What in the world? How did that happen?

I'm going home to see my family tonight. I cannot wait. I seriously get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

My baby cousin Morgan (who isn't much of a baby anymore-- she turned 18 last week!!!) texted me Saturday night, and said EPG was looking at a picture of me saying, "Nitney."

Ahhh, melt my heart. (Can't wait to see you, Ellie P! Your Aunt Whit-Whit cannot wait to hug and kiss all over you!)

Also, my FIL had bipass surgery today. Right now, he is in the CVICU, but he is stable and doing ok. They were able to do this cutting edge (no pun intended) surgery technique called the da Vinci surgical system. Go check it out. It's really amazing. We covet your prayers for a easy and speedy recovery for him.

Mat and I have been reading "What Did You Expect?" by Paul David Tripp and having weekly dates to talk about our marriage. We are really liking the book and loving our time talking about our marriage even more. I love Tripp and his books-- if you ever have a chance to read anything by him or go see him, do it! The Lord will bless you.

I also must take a moment to give proper praise to the Lord for the blessings in our lives. There are no words to describe how blessed we are and how amazing it has been to watch the Lord provide for us over the past few months. He is good. He is so good.

(Sorry for some of the quality of pictures-- the iPhone is both crippling and liberating on my photography quality.)

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  1. Female domination is sweet...so sweet. And God is good...so good!