Mat and I just pulled out of our driveway on the campus of Southern Seminary headed south to South Carolina. We are hoping to make it to Spartanburg by midnight. Mat's driving, and I'm in the passenger's seat with my trusty University of Alabama sweatshirt blanket and my Kindle on my lap. We've got our bags in the back, and my Nikon is in tow. Tom Petty and Ryan Adams are blaring on the radio, and Mat and I are nursing Diet Coke. We are so ready for vacation.

The Mac did not accompany us on this trip, sadly. But I might try to do a little blogging from my iPhone (like I'm doing now). I'll also, of course, be tweeting the trip. (www.twitter.com/whitalexander)

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back Wednesday to show you my pictures, which promise to be, as always, my favorite souvenirs.

We're going to Carolina in our minds...and in Mat's Calibur. Happy Friday!

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  1. Have an INCREDIBLE time and BE SAFE!!! Keep in touch! Love you both MORE!! Mums