Mat and I leave FRIDAY for our first vacation as husband and wife...alone (besides our honeymoon). (I count the one night we spent in NOLA watching the Alabama bowl game in 2009 as our first, but Mat doesn't claim that because it was only for "one night...") We are going to Charleston, SC, and we are so ready!

We are so excited, so I need some help-- who's been to Charleston before? We've never been. My best friend Anna lives there now, so she'll be a HUGE help, but we'll take all the advice we can get. Where do we need to eat? Where should we shop? Are there any museums or exhibits we have to see? Anything??

We are also going to Savannah, GA, so if any of you faithful readers have been there before, let me know what we can't miss there, too!

Thanks! (And yes, we'll bring you all back something...maybe.)


  1. Well, I have never been to Savannah (always wanted to go) but everyone says eating at Paula Deen's restaurant is a must. Hope you guys have a safe and super fun time. Give beautiful Anna a hug for me! Love you MORE!! Mums

  2. yay! i can't wait for y'all to be here. i have several places y'all need to eat. when you go to savannah you HAVE to go to paula deen's place like your "MUM" said. shop all over KING STREET...it is amazing! jestine's kitchen is a really great place to eat...it is very touristy. my favorite place in all of charleston is S.N.O.B. or Slightly North of Broad...(i'm sure matt is laughing at me right now). it is the cutest place and the food is awesome. you need to eat lunch not dinner there. john kerry was there last time i went. :) you also need to go in all of the churches since charleston is called "the holy city!" the churches are absolutely beautiful. okay, i'll stop. can't wait to see you both.

  3. Hey! I'm Sarah Rice's friend from Auburn and I am from CHARLESTON! You will LOVE it... such a beautiful place! A few places to eat... Circa1886, expensive, but by far the best restaurant in Charleston! Ask about their three coarse menu deals! Tour the Hotel across the way from the restaurant and explore the cupola at sunset for a sky view of Charleston! For sure go to Fleet's Landing for a seafood lunch on the water. Also, Hank's Seafood for another good seafood meal! I like High Cotton's (East Bay Street) Sunday brunch. Quick lunch? Joseph's on Meeting. Or Poogan's Porch. For sure go to an inexpensive lunch at FIve Loaves Cafe on Coming St. Must shop... King Street. Yes. Note that Urban Outfitter's is in the historic old Charleston theatre. Must see... St. Michaels's Church (Broad St and Meeting St) and the Cathedral (Broad St.). Just tour all the churches you can in Charleston. Stunning. Check out the William Aiken House and the Calhoun Mansion. Take a long walk 'South of Broad' to see all the gorgeous Charleston houses and gardens and along the Battery / White Point Gardens to see the ocean! THe Gibbe's Art Meuseum is worth seeing, and along broad street there are tons of gorgeous, private art studios. Enjoy CHARLESTON!!! It is one of my favorite places...

  4. oh my goodness! My husband and I just got back from Charleston this past Friday! We went there, Hilton Head, and Savannah for our honeymoon. :)

  5. I told Lauren to give you some fun ideas! P.S. Her dad owns Circa1886! I've never been, but I hear that it's fancy smancy fabulous! Hope you and Mat have a blast!