favorite things friday

It's FRIDAY! And I couldn't be happier.

Me and the boy are going tomorrow with 4 of our bests to Ikea in Cincinnati. We've never been to an Ikea before, so it should be an adventure! I've missed getting to hang out with our friends lately, so I am so happy about getting to see all of them. We love a road trip...especially a Saturday road trip. I promise to make pictures-- IF I can remember to grab the Nikon on the way out the door tomorrow morning!

Without further adeu, it's Favorite Things Friday! And this week, my favorite thing is...

my new Brooks tennis shoes!

I've been in need of some really great running shoes lately, and my Nike Shocks just weren't cutting it. So, Mat picked me up Tuesday, took me to Ken Combs Running Store here in Lou, and bought me these babys. And I am totally in love!

I had to go up a half-size, but the guy at the running store said that was normal. These shoes fit my feet perfectly, and I seriously couldn't have asked for a better price on them. Great shoes. Love them!

Happy weekend, everybody!



Let's face it. I am a blog slacker.

And I deserve 30 lashes with a wet noodle.

I am so sorry it's been so long since I've really really posted anything worth while. I promise to do better! Promise!!!

Things around here are good. Life is sweet, the temperature is hot, the days are long, and God is so good. We are getting settled in at our new church. We have just completely fallen head-over-heels in love with the people there. I seriously cannot imagine our lives without them now. We are just crazy about them!

Mum and the grandparents were here last weekend. It was so good to see all of them. I miss them more than words can express. I'm so glad they got to come.

In the next few days, I'll be getting a new blog design installed thanks to Fabulous K Creative! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. I'm so excited!!!

Also, Mat and I have been hammering out specifics for a dream of mine. Now, if I could only find time to execute some of my ideas!

More later, but until then, here's a peek at this little guy, who is always sure to brighten up your day...


favorite things friday

Happy Friday, everyone! My mummy, Papa and Mimi are currently en-route to Louisville to visit with me and Mat this weekend. We are so excited!

But, now for favorite things Friday. This week, my favorite thing is my Amazon Kindle.

Now, I must tell you-- I am an Apple fanatic, but I love, love, love my Kindle. Mat gave me a choice between a Kindle and an iPad, and for right now, I thought I wanted a Kindle more. And I'm so glad I chose the Kindle! I love it!!!

So far, I've read a few books on it, and I love how easy it is to carry around and keep up with. It's really been such a neat thing to have around.

My only reservation about it so far has been that I wish it had a built-in light so I could read when it's dark. But, that's not something that affects my deep, deep love for this little piece of technology.

In the words of Woody from Toy Story, "If you don't have one, GET ONE!!"


refrigerator pickles

There's nothing better in the world than brand new Mason jars. Mat bough me 12 regular pint jars today at Wal-Mart. I pulled out three homegrown cucumbers from Mrs. Robena's garden, and went to slicing.

I made homemade refrigerator pickles.*

They are easy-peasy to make. No canning is required. You put onions in the bottom of jars, place sliced cukes on top of the onions, and sprinkle with fresh dill (which I borrowed from my neighbor, Adina's garden pots-- thanks, Adina!). Then, you boil sugar, dill seeds, apple cider vinegar, salt, mustard and pepper and pour on top of the cukes, onions and dill.

They sit, open, overnight in the fridge. When we can eat them, I'll let you know how they taste.

Heavenly, and like summer, I'm sure. Mrs. Robena grows a mean cuke, and adding apple cider vinegar and sugar can only make them even better!

(*Note-- these are slighty sweet dill refigerator pickles.)


tgif// favorite things friday

I don't think I've ever been more excited to see a three-day weekend come in my life... Thank you, Lord, for the holiday!

And with that being said, I want to start something new here on my blog::

Favorite Things Friday

A chance for me to get to show you my favorite things in life. I know I did a post a few weeks ago on some of the things I cannot live without, but I think this will be fun, too.

So, without further adeu, here is the first item on Favorite Things Friday::
My Longchamp le pliage purse.

She and I were introduced in college when I was an intern for Senator Richard L. Shelby (R-AL) in the summer of 2007. I've not looked back since.

She is just the right size, just the right color, and she is a breeze to keep clean! She's been all over the world, and I think I just might cry when she finally kicks the bucket.

I've had a couple other purses since her, but I remain faithful to my commitment to her, and I always find myself gracefully adorning my shoulder with her. She is my best (purse) friend.

(And at a very reasonable price of $125.00, she's quite a steal!)

I also have her (bigger) older sister that looks like this...

She is more of a tote, and she, just like my small brown Longchamp, has traveled the world with me!

(This larger tote is also a great buy at $145.00!)

And just a side note, my large tote is a sort-of light green color, which, according to their Web site, they do not make anymore.

I love a Longchamp, and these two babies haven't let me down yet. Love 'em both!!
Dearest Matty, please get me a new purse in navy when you can. The brown one needs a friend, and I need more (dark) color in my life. Love, Whit


among other reasons

...these babies are a few of the reasons why I love being a pastor's wife at Sunnyside Baptist Church.

Homegrown, picked-same-day, straight-from-the-garden yellow squash and cucumbers.

Thank you, Mrs. Robena!