favorite things friday

It's FRIDAY! And I couldn't be happier.

Me and the boy are going tomorrow with 4 of our bests to Ikea in Cincinnati. We've never been to an Ikea before, so it should be an adventure! I've missed getting to hang out with our friends lately, so I am so happy about getting to see all of them. We love a road trip...especially a Saturday road trip. I promise to make pictures-- IF I can remember to grab the Nikon on the way out the door tomorrow morning!

Without further adeu, it's Favorite Things Friday! And this week, my favorite thing is...

my new Brooks tennis shoes!

I've been in need of some really great running shoes lately, and my Nike Shocks just weren't cutting it. So, Mat picked me up Tuesday, took me to Ken Combs Running Store here in Lou, and bought me these babys. And I am totally in love!

I had to go up a half-size, but the guy at the running store said that was normal. These shoes fit my feet perfectly, and I seriously couldn't have asked for a better price on them. Great shoes. Love them!

Happy weekend, everybody!

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