the caskeys

Recently, I had the chance to make photographs for my friends, Jeremy and Adina Caskey, and their children, Elijah, Merry and Micah.

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Adina and Jeremy- thank you for letting me make your pictures! Both of you and each of your children are BLESSINGS to me and Mat. We love you guys!


true woman confernence-- post 1

Things are in full-swing here at the True Woman Conference in Indy.

My partner-in-crime, Amber, and I arrived in Indy late yesterday afternoon around 6:30 p.m. We checked-in to our hotel room and scooted on over to the first session, which was already well underway.

Last night, Pastor Crawford Loritts spoke first. We just caught the tail end of his lesson, during which he mainly spoke about worldliness and what it means. ‎"Anything that causes you to lose the enjoyment of the Father's love or your desire to do the Father's will is worldly," Loritts said. I can't argue with him. What a simple definition of a very contagious sickness that coats all of us.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss followed Pastor Loritts. Nancy spoke about what it means to be a "true woman." She used Titus 2 as her passage.

Nancy said, "A true woman is tethered to the Word of God," and I cannot agree with that statement more.

So often in my life, I get so consumed with others' opinions and even my very own opinion- help me Lord. It is a deliberate act of obedience to bring myself under the scope of God's Word DAILY, and to place myself under its guidance without wanting to go in the opposite direction! Just like Paul said, I find myself kicking against the goads so often, not wanting to be willing to obey God. While, all-in-all, it is to my benefit that I follow the Lord and yield to His Word and will. After all, why would I NOT want to succumb to God Almighty-- the Planner and Perfecter of my life?

And when I do not do all of the above, I'm reminded of how much of a failure I am. And then Nancy said, "Our failures ought to drive us to the cross."

Oh, Lord, how in need of you and your salvation we are! Help us. Help ME! Praise You for the cross of Jesus.

But, so often, I must remind myself that there is not one ounce of "good" in me. No matter how hard I try and how determined I am-- there is not one single speck of "good" within me. I am wicked and evil to my core-- to my VERY CORE. And it is then that I am reminded: because of the cross of Christ, God looks on my sinful soul and sees RIGHTEOUSNESS. And He sees Jesus Christ's righteousness in me. What a Savior!

Nancy said, "We cannot be 'good' apart from Christ." Amen. And thank you, Jesus!

I will blog later about the morning sessions here at True Woman. I hope you're following the Girls Gone Wise Twitter and/or Facebook account. I'm updating very, very often.

And as I'm updating, know the Lord is working in my own life to show me more about myself, but more importantly, more about Him.


ok, ok. i'll admit it!

I love Martha Stewart. I do. I know she's an ex-con, but I love her.

And I think that's ok.

I don't subscribe to her magazine, but I heard she had this amazing issue out for September, and I had Mat stop and buy it for me at Borders.

It's packed with amazing little things, like this...

I'm obsessed with schoolhouse pendants. When we own our own home one day, I'm going to put them everywhere. Especially in my kitchen. And office. And laundry room. And hallways. Everywhere.

And the magazine also held this little recipe for Espresso Creme Brulee. Oh, heaven.

There was also this idea to paint a planter instead of putting your address number on your house.

And really, it's not so much that I love Martha, per se, but I love her kitchen.

And there was an entire article about her kitchen...

Yes. Martha's 50 Top Kitchen Tips. Yes, please.

I love, love, love her gray kitchen. I love how clean and crisp it is. I also love that it is a "working" kitchen, and it's not just all for looks.

But, seriously, what does this woman not own like 52 of?! I'm so jealous of her knives collection. And that she has not one, but two honey dippers. TWO. Swoon.

She also has like a bazillion crocks full of bamboo kitchen spoons and spatulas and stainless whisks. Have mercy...

There is also, of course, no shortage of kitchen counter space. I envy her kitchen just because of the counter space. I love counter space. An cook needs counter space like an artist needs canvases!

And finally, she has glass cabinets. I could live in a glass cabinet! I think they are so classy. And she has sets of matching glassware. It's great. So incredibly great.

I'm jealous of Martha and her kitchen. Maybe she'll read this and decide I need a kitchen just like hers. One can only hope!



People always have such a hard time pronouncing "Louisville." It's so funny to us, and we know so many people that say it so many different ways.

Looks like the Louisville Visitors' Bureau has embraced the idea...


true woman conference

Over the past few months, I have had the absolute privilege of helping Mary Kassian market and promote her newest book "Girls Gone Wise." I have been blessed with a great opportunity to help with the GGW Twitter account and the GGW Facebook account.

Mary Kassian is an award-winning author and fantastic speaker from Canada. Mrs. Kassian is also a distinguished professor of Women's Studies at Southern Seminary. She is the author of "The Feminist Mistake" and "Conversation Peace," among other books.  

Mary Kassian has also been a gigantic blessing in my own life. I love her newest book, and the Lord has used it to teach me new things and remind me of things I had forgotten. Mrs. Kassian has a huge heart for the girls in my generation (and of all generations, for that matter!), and she genuinely desires to see the Lord transform the lives of women of all ages. She is passionate about the Lord and His Word, and for her I am so very thankful. She is a wonderful mentor to me!

At the end of this week, I am going to Indianapolis, IN, with Mrs. Kassian to the True Woman Conference. I will be live blogging the conference, as well as posting Twitter and facebook updates. The conference runs from Sept. 23-25, 2010.

I hope you'll check-in on the Girls Gone Wise blog and read about what's going on at the conference this weekend, beginning Thursday night. I pray that God will do great things in the lives of all the women that are able to attend, including my own. I praise God for the amazing opportunities He has given me!


the fair

A few weeks ago, Mat and I went to the Kentucky State Fair.

This was both mine and Mat's first time to go to a state fair. We really didn't know what to expect, but we definitely were surprised at how big the State Fair was.

There were so many different things to see...

There were fish...

There were cakes...

There was homespun glass...

There was an inauguration ticket from Harry Truman's inauguration...

There were antiques...

Kids' drawings...

There were sheep...

There were pigs...

There was an almost 1/2 ton pumpkin...

There were tons of vegetables and fruits...

There was tobacco...

There was honey...Oh, goodness. The HONEY!

There was an entire section on beekeeping...

There were precious smocked dresses...

There were Dutch doll quilts, just like the one I have...

And, of course, there were Donut Burgers.

That's right. Donut Burgers.

And fun had by all. The Kentucky State Fair was sure an experience!


what i'm reading

Life is pretty busy for us right now. I work full-time. Mat's a senior pastor. I take a couple seminary classes at night. And we enjoy a flourishing social life (ha!).

But between reading for my classes and keeping the house somewhat in a liveable condition, I rarely find time to read non-school-related books. But, I do love to sit down with a good book just for fun.

Currently, I am reading two (non-school-related) books.

The first book I am reading is Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush

I really, really, really love this book. Mrs. Bush has a very unique way of telling stories, and I love her deep honesty and passion for life. Mrs. Bush comes across so down-to-earth in her biography, so every time I finish reading a few chapters, I feel like I've been sitting with her in person for hours.

Mrs. Bush tells about her childhood growing up in Texas, her engagement to George, and their time as newlyweds on the campaign trail. I know later on in the book, she goes on to tell about life in the White House and her travels as First Lady.

I'm not finished with the book yet, but I hope to finish it up over Christmas break. I cannot recommend this book enough if you love biographies.

As a side note-- I was trying to decided what book to buy on my Kindle after I had finished Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (which, by the way, is a phenomenal book, as are all of Mr. Brown's books). I asked Mat if he thought I should buy Sarah Palin's book or Laura Bush's book, and he said, without hesitation, "Laura Bush's book. "I'd rather you be like Laura than like Sarah." Hilarious.

The other book I am reading is Radical by David Platt.

I really, really, really like this book as well. It is convicting and very to-the-point. I love Platt's way of interpreting Scripture and making connections between God's Word and our every day lives. This one is definitely worth your money and your time. I know God is using the themes from Radical to show me sin in my own life.

I hope to finish this one up soon, as well. It is a lot shorter than Laura Bush's book.

What books are YOU reading lately? Is there anything I need to pick up and read?