Nothing says fall like Lee, Chris, Kirk and Des laying out all the day's games for us on ESPN.

Nothing says fall like Tuscaloosa, AL on a Saturday.

Nothing says fall like the Elephant Stomp and "Yea, Alabama."

Nothing says fall like a sea of crimson on the Quad.

Nothing says fall like ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Nothing says fall like a win for the Tide!!

Happy Gameday!

I'll be cheering on the Tide tonight, while Mat cheers on Auburn. (It's the one thing I'd choose to change about him if I could.)

Who will you be cheering for today?


  1. Wish you could have been here yesterday for the first game. The new endzone is incredible! ROLL TIDE!

  2. LOVE this post! Unfortunate that Mat is an Auburn fan, but we all have our faults! :) RTR!

  3. I cheered on my Georgia DAWGS but had to settle for text updates on online updates as it wasn't on up here. Watched the Florida game instead and it was mighty nice to see them have to fight for that win.