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Life is pretty busy for us right now. I work full-time. Mat's a senior pastor. I take a couple seminary classes at night. And we enjoy a flourishing social life (ha!).

But between reading for my classes and keeping the house somewhat in a liveable condition, I rarely find time to read non-school-related books. But, I do love to sit down with a good book just for fun.

Currently, I am reading two (non-school-related) books.

The first book I am reading is Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush

I really, really, really love this book. Mrs. Bush has a very unique way of telling stories, and I love her deep honesty and passion for life. Mrs. Bush comes across so down-to-earth in her biography, so every time I finish reading a few chapters, I feel like I've been sitting with her in person for hours.

Mrs. Bush tells about her childhood growing up in Texas, her engagement to George, and their time as newlyweds on the campaign trail. I know later on in the book, she goes on to tell about life in the White House and her travels as First Lady.

I'm not finished with the book yet, but I hope to finish it up over Christmas break. I cannot recommend this book enough if you love biographies.

As a side note-- I was trying to decided what book to buy on my Kindle after I had finished Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (which, by the way, is a phenomenal book, as are all of Mr. Brown's books). I asked Mat if he thought I should buy Sarah Palin's book or Laura Bush's book, and he said, without hesitation, "Laura Bush's book. "I'd rather you be like Laura than like Sarah." Hilarious.

The other book I am reading is Radical by David Platt.

I really, really, really like this book as well. It is convicting and very to-the-point. I love Platt's way of interpreting Scripture and making connections between God's Word and our every day lives. This one is definitely worth your money and your time. I know God is using the themes from Radical to show me sin in my own life.

I hope to finish this one up soon, as well. It is a lot shorter than Laura Bush's book.

What books are YOU reading lately? Is there anything I need to pick up and read?

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  1. So glad to hear you like Radical. I need to pick it up ASAP, because our small group is starting to study it on Sunday!