a birthday surprise

It's my birthday month (just in case you didn't know). This year, I will turn 24 (yikes!) on Oct. 15, and I am as excited as I can be about my birthday.

Friday after work, Mat took me to Murphy's Camera and let me pick out a new camera lens. I got this baby, and she is fantastic.

I've been wanting a wide-angle lens for quite some time now, and this one is all I could ever ask for.

I would post some pics of pictures I made with my new lens, but I have to be honest: I've been literally spending every single minute with my Intro to Old Testament study guide. My mid-term is due Tuesday, and I'm determined to do well on my exam. So, pics soon-- I promise! I will probably take it out to Sunnyside tomorrow, and make pictures of the valley. It's breathtaking this time of year!

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. I've got to get back to the Bama game, then on to more studying. Happy Weekend!

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  1. gope you're enjoying your new lens! how fun!! thanks for stopping by my blog Whitney. :) Rebecca